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  • 1) arXiv:2011.09991 Detection of H2O and OH+ in z>3 Hot Dust-Obscured Galaxies Authors: F. Stanley, K. K. Knudsen, S. Aalto, L. Fan, N. Falstad, E. Humphreys Abstract: In this paper we present the detection of H2O and OH+ emission in z>3 hot dust-obscured galaxies (Hot DOGs). Using ALMA Band-6 observations of two Hot DOGs, we have detected H2O(2_02-1_11) in W0149+2350, and H2O(3_12-3_03) and the multiplet OH+(1_1-0_1) in W0410-0913. We find that both sources have luminous H2O emission with line luminosities of L_H2O >… A&A Eu
  • 2. arXiv:2011.09917 FIR-luminous [CII] emitters in the ALMA-SCUBA-2 COSMOS survey (AS2COSMOS): The nature of submillimeter galaxies in a 10 comoving Mpc-scale structure at z~4.6 Authors: Ikki Mitsuhashi, Yuichi Matsuda, Ian Smail, Natsuki Hayatsu, James Simpson, Mark Swinbank, Hideki Umahata, Ugne Dudzevičiūtė, Jack Birkin, Soh Ikarashi, Chian-Chou Chen, Ken-ichi Tadaki, Hidenobu Yajima, Yuichi Harikane, Hanae Inami, Scott Chapman, Bunyo Hatsukade, Daisuke Iono, Andrew Bunker, Yiping Ao, Tomoki Saito, Junko Ueda, Seiichi Sakamoto Abstract: …report the discovery of a 10 comoving Mpc-scale structure traced by massive submillimeter galaxies (SMGs) at z~4.6. These galaxies are selected from an emission line search of ALMA Band 7 observations targeting 184 luminous submillimeter sources (S850μm≥ 6.2 mJy) across 1.6 degrees2 in the COSMOS field. We identify four [CII] emitting SMGs a…
  • 3. arXiv:2011.09133 Smoking-gun evidence of black hole feeding in NGC1808 Authors: A. Audibert, F. Combes, S. García-Burillo, L. Hunt, A. Eckart, S. Aalto, V. Casasola, F. Boone, M. Krips, S. Viti, S. Muller, K. Dasyra, P. van der Werf, S. Martín Abstract: We report ALMA observations of CO(3-2) emission in the Seyfert2/starburst galaxy NGC1808, at a spatial resolution of 4pc. Our aim is to investigate the morphology and dynamics of the gas inside the central 0.5kpc, and to probe nuclear feeding and feedback phenomena. We discovered a nuclear spiral of radius 1"=45pc and inside it a decoupled circumnuclear… A&A.
  • 4. arXiv:2011.08293 Kinematic Analysis of a Protostellar Multiple System: Measuring the Protostar Masses and Assessing Gravitational Instability in the Disks of L1448 IRS3B and L1448 IRS3A Authors: Nickalas K. Reynolds, John J. Tobin, Patrick D. Sheehan, Sarah I. Sadavoy, Kaitlin M. Kratter, Zhi-Yun Li, Claire J. Chandler, Dominique M. Segura-Cox, Leslie W. Looney, Michael M. Dunham Abstract: We present new Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) observations towards a compact (230~au separation) triple protostar system, L1448 IRS3B, at 879~\micron with \contbeam~resolution. Spiral arm structure within the circum-multiple disk is well resolved in dust continuum toward IRS3B, and we detect the known wide (2300~au) companion, IRS3A, als…
  • 5. arXiv:2011.08279 Imaging the Dusty Substructures due to Terrestrial Planets in Planet-forming Disks with ALMA and the Next Generation Very Large Array Authors: Sarah Harter, Luca Ricci, Shangjia Zhang, Zhaohuan Zhu Abstract: We present simulations of the capabilities of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) and of a Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) to detect and resolve substructures due to terrestrial planets and Super-Earths in nearby planet-forming disks. We adopt the results of global 2-D hydrodynamical planet-disk simulations that account for the d… The Astrophysical Journal
  • 6. arXiv:2011.08176 Re-analysis of Phosphine in Venus' Clouds Authors: Jane S. Greaves, Anita M. S. Richards, William Bains, Paul B. Rimmer, David L. Clements, Sara Seager, Janusz J. Petkowski, Clara Sousa-Silva, Sukrit Ranjan, Helen J. Fraser Abstract: …in line profile (within data limits); reconciliation with a full photochemical model is the subject of future work. Section 2 presents initial results from re-processed ALMA data. Villanueva et al. noted an issue with bandpass calibration. They have worked on a partially re-processed subset of the… Response to the Matters Arising: "No phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus" by G. Villanueva et al., preprint at arXiv:2010.14305
  • 7. arXiv:2011.08161 A warm molecular ring in AG Car: composing the mass-loss puzzle Authors: C. Bordiu, F. Bufano, L. Cerrigone, G. Umana, J. R. Rizzo, C. S. Buemi, P. Leto, F. Cavallaro, A. Ingallinera, S. Loru, C. Trigilio, S. Riggi Abstract: We present APEX observations of CO J=3-2 and ALMA observations of CO J=2-1, 13CO J=2-1 and continuum toward the galactic luminous blue variable AG Car. These new observations reveal the presence of a ring-like molecular structure surrounding the star. Morphology and kinematics of the gas are consistent with a slowly expanding torus located near the equatoria… MNRAS
  • 8. arXiv:2011.07522 The Explosion in Orion-KL as Seen by Mosaicking the Magnetic Field with ALMA Authors: Paulo C. Cortes, Valentin J. M. Le Gouellec, Charles L. H. Hull, Josep M. Girart, Fabien Louvet, Edward B. Fomalont, Seiji Kameno, George A. Moellenbrock, Hiroshi Nagai, Kouichiro Nakanishi, Eric Villard Abstract: We present the first linear-polarization mosaicked observations performed by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). We mapped the Orion-KLeinmann-Low (Orion-KL) nebula using super-sampled mosaics at 3.1 and 1.3 mm as part of the ALMA Extension and Optimization of Capabilities (EOC) program. We derive… ApJ
  • 9. arXiv:2011.06988 ALMA detection of the dusty object silhouetted against the S0 galaxy NGC 3269 in the Antlia cluster Authors: L. K. Haikala, R. Salinas, T. Richtler, M. Gómez, G. F. Gahm, K. Mattila Abstract: …Jupiter mass-scale cloudlet or a large extragalactic dust complex. We aim to resolve the nature of this object: is it a small Galactic cloudlet or an extragalactic dust complex? ALMA and APEX spectroscopy and Gemini GMOS long-slit spectroscopy were used to measure the velocity of the patch and the NGC 3269 disk radial velocity curve. A weak 16±2.5 km/s Astronomy & Astrophysics CH
  • 10. arXiv:2011.05018 ALMA CO Observations of the Gamma-Ray Supernova Remnant RX J1713.7-3946: Discovery of Shocked Molecular Cloudlets and Filaments at 0.01 pc scales Authors: H. Sano, T. Inoue, K. Tokuda, T. Tanaka, R. Yamazaki, S. Inutsuka, F. Aharonian, G. Rowell, M. D. Filipovic, Y. Yamane, S. Yoshiike, N. Maxted, H. Uchida, T. Hayakawa, K. Tachihara, Y. Uchiyama, Y. Fukui Abstract: …SNR that emits bright TeV gamma-rays and synchrotron X-rays caused by cosmic rays, in addition to interactions with interstellar gas clouds. We report here on results of ALMA 12CO(J = 1-0) observations toward the northwestern shell of the SNR. We newly found three molecular complexes consisting of dozens of shocked molecular cloudlets and filaments The Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL) EA
  • 11. arXiv:2011.02305 ALMA chemical survey of disk-outflow sources in Taurus (ALMA-DOT). IV. Thioformaldehyde (H2CS) in protoplanetary disks: spatial distributions and binding energies Authors: C. Codella, L. Podio, A. Garufi, J. Perrero, P. Ugliengo, D. Fedele, C. Favre, E. Bianchi, C. Ceccarelli, S. Mercimek, F. Bacciotti, K. L. J. Rygl, L. Testi Abstract: …distributions in light of the H2CS binding energy, in order to discuss the role of thermal desorption in enriching the gas disk component. Methods: In the context of the ALMA chemical survey of Disk-Outflow sources in the Taurus star forming region (ALMA-DOT), we observed five Class I or early Class II sources with the… A&A, in press Eu
  • 12. arXiv:2011.01287 ALMA Resolves Giant Molecular Clouds in a Tidal Dwarf Galaxy Authors: M. Querejeta, F. Lelli, E. Schinnerer, D. Colombo, U. Lisenfeld, C. G. Mundell, F. Bigiel, S. García-Burillo, C. N. Herrera, A. Hughes, J. M. D. Kruijssen, S. E. Meidt, T. J. T. Moore, J. Pety, A. J. Rigby Abstract: Tidal dwarf galaxies (TDGs) are gravitationally bound condensations of gas and stars formed during galaxy interactions. Here we present multi-configuration ALMA observations of J1023+1952, a TDG in the interacting system Arp 94, where we resolve CO(2-1) emission down to giant molecular clouds (GMCs) at 0.64" ~ 45pc resolution. We find a remarkably high f… ▽ More A&A Eu
  • 13. arXiv:2011.01160 The VLA/ALMA Nascent Disk and Multiplicity (VANDAM) Survey of Orion Protostars IV. Unveiling the Embedded Intermediate-Mass Protostar and Disk within OMC2-FIR3/HOPS-370 Authors: John J. Tobin, Patrick Sheehan, Nickalas Reynolds, S. Thomas Megeath, Mayra Osorio, Guillem Anglada, Ana Karla Diaz-Rodriguez, Elise Furlan, Kaitlin Kratter, Stella Offner, Leslie Looney, Mihkel Kama, Zhi-Yun Li, Merel van 't Hoff, Sarah Sadavoy, Nicole Karnath Abstract: We present ALMA (0.87~mm and 1.3~mm) and VLA (9~mm) observations toward the candidate intermediate-mass protostar OMC2-FIR3 (HOPS-370; Lbol~314~L⊙) at ∼0.1" (40~au) resolution for the continuum emission and ~0.25" (100 au) resolution of nine molecular lines. The dust continuum observed with… ApJ; NA
  • 14. arXiv:2011.01081 ALMA chemical survey of disk-outflow sources in Taurus (ALMA-DOT) III: The interplay between gas and dust in the protoplanetary disk of DG Tau Authors: L. Podio, A. Garufi, C. Codella, D. Fedele, K. Rygl, C. Abstract: …is therefore crucial to understand the disks molecular content. We aim to characterize the distribution and abundance of molecules in the disk of DG Tau. In the context of the ALMA chemical survey of Disk-Outflow sources in Taurus (ALMA-DOT) we analyse ALMA observations of the di… ▽ More A&A Eu
  • 15. arXiv:2011.00686 A kpc-scale resolved study of unobscured and obscured star-formation activity in normal galaxies at z = 1.5 and 2.2 from ALMA and HiZELS Authors: Cheng Cheng, Edo Ibar, Ian Smail, Juan Molina, David Sobral, Andres Escala, Philip Best, Rachel Cochrane, Steven Gillman, Mark Swinbank, R. J. Ivison, Jia-Sheng Huang, Thomas M. Hughes, Eric Villard, Michele Cirasuolo Abstract: We present Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) continuum observations of a sample of nine star-forming galaxies at redshifts 1.47 and 2.23 selected from the High-z Emission Line Survey (HiZELS). Four galaxies in our sample are detected at high significance by ALMA at a resolution of 0.25'' MNRAS Other (China)
  • 16. arXiv:2011.12319 Chemically tracing the water snowline in protoplanetary disks with HCO+Authors: M. Leemker, M. L. R. van 't Hoff, L. Trapman, M. L. van Gelder, M. R. Hogerheijde, D. Ruíz-Rodríguez, E. F. van Dishoeck Abstract: …40 AU. Our analysis of ALMA observations of HCO+ J=3−2 is consistent with the water snowline located around 100 AU. The HCO+ abundance drops steeply around the water snowline, but dust and excitation can conceal the drop in HCO+ emission due to the water snowline. Therefore, locating the water snowline with HCO+ in Herbig disks is very difficult Astronomy and Astrophysics. Eu
  • 17. arXiv:2011.12297 The effect of stellar multiplicity on protoplanetary discs. A NIR survey of the Lupus star forming region Authors: Alice Zurlo, Lucas A. Cieza, Megan Ansdell, Valentin Christiaens, Sebastián Pérez, Josh Lovell, Dino Mesa, Jonathan P. Williams, Camilo Gonzalez-Ruilova, Rosamaria Carraro, Dary Ruíz-Rodríguez, Mark Wyatt Abstract: …AO a total of 47 targets and complement our observations with archival data for another 58 objects previously observed with the same instrument. All 105 targets have millimetre ALMA data available, which provide constraints on disc masses and sizes. We identify a total of 13 multiple systems, including 11 doubles and 2 triples. MNRAS CH
  • 18. arXiv:2011.11676 Physics of ULIRGs with MUSE and ALMA: The PUMA project I. Properties of the survey and first MUSE data results Authors: M. Perna, S. Arribas, M. Pereira Santaella, L. Colina, E. Bellocchi, C. Catalan-Torrecilla, S. Cazzoli, A. Crespo Gomez, R. Maiolino, J. Piqueras Lopez, B. Rodriguez del Pino Abstract: …(SB) and AGN activity, and are therefore ideal laboratories for studying the outflow phenomena. We have recently started a project called Physics of ULIRGs with MUSE and ALMA (PUMA), which is a survey of 25 nearby (z < 0.165) ULIRGs observed with the integral field spectrograph MUSE and the interferometer Astronomy & Astrophysics eu

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