We'll meet for our regularly scheduled telecon at 1300 UT/0900 EDT tomorrow, July 24. There has been significant progress on executing the tests described in the test plan. Many thanks to Pavel, Antonio,

I apologize for sending out the reminder and agenda late. As before, I am aware that several of you are on travel or on vacation. Nevertheless, I think it is important to meet. First, significant progress has been made on the tests outlined in the test plan memo. Many thanks to Pavel, Shimojo-san, Sugimoto-san, Antonio, and the JAO staff for preparing and executing these tests! Shimojo-san has made results available online as well as data and scripts. For tomorrow, I'd like to discuss the following:

1- Long baseline campaign - schedule and opportunities for SD fast scanning tests on the Sun (Richard) 2- ALMA MD mode tests 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 - preliminary results and data access (Shimojo-san) 3- Proposed dates for the solar observing campaign and planning/scheduling requirements (Remijan) 4- News from the simulations group (if Sven is back) 5- Use case coordination (White) 5- AOB


-- AnthonyRemijan - 2014-09-13

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