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Read a CASA image (or list of images), and normalize the intensity scale to a specified value (default=1.0), or round or truncate it to integer values. See also imshift and scaleImage.


au.normalizeImage(img, value=1.0, regrid=False, newimage='', ceiling=False, 
           round=False, floor=False, flatten=False)
  • img: name of a CASA image. If a wildcard (*) is included, then process all matching files.
  • value: the value to which to normalize the peak
  • regrid: if True, then call convertImageToDirectionType after normalizing
  • newimage: output image, default=img+'.normalized'
  • ceiling: if True, then instead of normalizing, round to next highest integer
  • round: if True, then instead of normalizing, round to nearest integer
  • floor: if True, then instead of normalizing, truncate to next lowest integer
  • flatten: if True, then set all (unmasked) pixels to the specified value


CASA <2>: au.normalizeImage('')
Peak =  1.00095593929
New Peak =  1.0
New image =

-- ToddHunter - 2014-03-04
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