Subject: Nobeyama Helpdesk
From: "K. Tatematsu" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 03:02:16 +0900
To: "Hibbard, John" <>
CC:, "Nyman, Lars" <>, 
"Andreani, Paola" <>

Hi John,

Regarding Nobeyama 45m helpdesk, we simply list phone numbers and 
e-mail addresses of contact persons.

Contact Persons
Title        Name       Tel. username   RelatedInstrumentField 
NRO Director R. KAWABE  400  ryo.kawabe star formation, galaxy 
Manager      N. KUNO    331  kuno       Antenna, Receiver (NOBA),
                                        Software (continuum, 
                                        controller, obstable) 
             T. UMEMOTO 383  umemoto    VLBI, Computer (general)
             S. TAKANO  377  stakano    Spectrometer (AOS), 
                                        Computer (general), 
                                        Software (NewStar) chemistry 

TELEPHONE: +81-267-98-4xxx 
INTERNET: username @ 

-- K. Tatematsu (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) 

-- JohnHibbard - 28 Jan 2008
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