Minutes NAASC Org Meeting - March 7, 2012

  • Attendance: Wootten, Lacy, Friesen, Schnee, Schieven, Sheth, Scott, Evans, Kim, Lonsdale, Liszt, Marcelino, Leroy, Kimball, Brogan, von Schill, Braatz, Mangum, Indebetouw, Mehringer, Adams, Halstead
  • NAASC Visitors: JKeohane; Looney (U. Ill.) coming in summer for a year.
  • Personnel
    • Several open positions
      1. Visualization (Socorro)
      2. Plot MS Visualization (Socorro)
      3. Scripting reprocessing (pipeline) (CV)
      4. High Performance Computing for workstations (CV)
    • Jennifer Donovan Meyer will join us in January as a new NAASC postdoc.
    • Richard Simon
    • Stuartt Corder
    • Alison Peck
  • Project News (AWootten)
  • Group Reports
    • Science Communications & EPO (Adams/Lyndele)
      • 15 May Special Session
      • last Friday of Month deadline (March 23rd for pub on April 4-5)
    • NaascManagement (Al)
      • Call for Development Studies update (AWootten).
    • Science Workshops (Lonsdale/Wootten)
    • UserSupportGroup (Carol)
      • See Jan 26 Minutes
        • Deadline for submission to Primer is end of next week (Mar 16)
        • Main topic for USG Meeting tomorrow
        • Outreach materials - pushing forward with mm course.
        • Aaron has a mock version of the new NAASC Science web page; a link can be provided.
        • Kartik, Remy and 2 external speakers with ALMA results will present special session at AAS. Will apply for a splinter session.
        • eNews will contain a request for proposals for CDEs - can support ~2 CDEs in community.
        • Webinar has been scheduled with Herschel - Carol will send Tuesday, March 13 Post on NAASC-TV
    • DataServicesGroup (Mark)
      • See DataServicesMeetingMinutes
        • cluster scheduling scheme will roll out soon - replacing Google Calendar. David will provide training. Original 8 nodes will stay where they are for now.
        • Data delivery will start again. Remy's data is next in line - sometime this week.
        • Visualization project will move forward with hire of new Visualization person.
        • Crystal noted that the deadline a compiled ALMA perspectives prioritized for 3.5 is March 19th.
    • JAOSupportGroup (John H)
      • See JAOsupportMinutes2011Nov10
      • IT6
      • Data reduction support visits to Chile. Ed in Chile. Tentative schedules are posted to NAASC2Chile.
      • Working w/SciOpsIPT to define process/requirements for ARC-based data reduction. JSG will continue to coordinate ARC visits to Chile.
    • Imaging/Data Tiger Team (Crystal)
      • Crystal showed images, with good results, from Band 9 - Orion
    • News from NRC (Schieven):
      • Gerald likes the idea of Virtual Office proposed by David Halstead
      • Debris Disks & Minor Planets in June 2013 in Victoria (possible IEU meeting) ~150 people
      • Shipping of Band 3 celebration held a couple of weeks ago. One of partners spoke about the importance of the work that they'd done for Band 3 in improving their ability to do additional work. Could we get this in writing? Something to show how radio-astronomy enables innovations
    • News from Taiwan (Aaron)
      • Academica Sinica is very interested in getting Postdocs; will explore possible ways in which PDs could spend some of their time in the US, some in AS.
  • Main Topic:
  • Any Other Business

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2012-03-07
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