Minutes NAASC 1st Wed, Jan 04 2012


  • CV: Carol, John H, Scott, Kim, Arielle, Todd, Crystal, Mark L, Mark A., Ed, Nuria, Remy, John, Jim, Mike, Dave, Jared, Amy, Tony, Adam, Dongchan, Harvey, Lyndele
  • TUC:
  • Socorro: Heidi, Stuartt, Steve
  • Canada: James, Gerald
  • Chile:
  • Other:
  • Apologies: AW (on a boat somewhere), KS (travel)

Action Items

Open Action Items:
  • Action: Carol will provide text for SV announcement for (a) Jan 6th e-announcement and (b) later Jan eNews
  • Ask if cone searches are still a priority during CSV time (it appears that the priority may have dropped)? John/Ed will address this issue during visit to Chile.
  • Employee Policies/Procedures webpage (Lyndele)

Closed Action Items:


  • NAASC Visitors: JKeohane;
  • Personnel
    • Recruiting NAASC postdoc, Software Engineer II. Will post adds for 2yr appts for two s/w engineers (CASA performance; user web-based pipeline interface)
    • Scott reported ~20 applicants for PD position. Interviews at AAS
  • Project News (AWootten)
    • ES Observing continues. Last two sessions not very successful (fire system & weather, respectively). Fourth NA PI data package received. All look very good. 2 more observing sessions before Feb "shutdown" & move to extended config (Jan 9-13; Jan 23-27).
    • ALMA Newsletter
    • "This Month @ the NAASC" from the December NRAO eNews
      • Submitted material for Jan eNews
      • Action: Carol will provide text for SV announcement for (a) Jan 6th e-announcement and (b) later Jan eNews
    • Concerning future SV datasets, CB reports that SV imaging group no longer appears to exist. Alison working on an "ALMA Works" paper; remaining group members have all be redirected to Cycle 0 data reduction. Developing new SV datasets for public release is apparently not a priority for anyone. JH asks if it should be; no one had strong opinion. CL may talk to AP about this at AAS next week.
  • Group Reports
    • Science Communications & EPO (T. Burchel/Lyndele)
    • NaascManagement (Al)
    • Science Workshops (Lonsdale/Wootten)
    • UserSupportGroup (Carol)
      • See Dec 15 Minutes
      • Contact Scientist should be getting SB's approved by PI's for "Highest Priority" Batch 3 projects (deadline Jan 11)
      • It appears as if cone searches are not a priority during CSV time. SC confirms: CSV concentrating on calibrator survey and thinks cone searchers should come out of SciOps time. John/Ed will raise this issue during visit to Chile.
      • If scientist can't make progress b/c cone search is not being done, enter comment into P2G JIRA ticket. If it starts to become critical, bring to John's attention.
      • Tomorrows meeting (USG2012Jan5Agenda) will concentrate on what can be said about extension to Cycle 0 and later start to Cycle 1 (see item under "Main Topic").
    • DataServicesGroup (Mark)
      • See DataServicesMeetingMinutes
      • Archive - can now serve ASDMs out of archive in Charlottesville. Now on secure system. Move into production in the next day or two. SV data may now be available. Normal ALMA login will work. Data analysts will actually do the work of retrieving the data. Policies for getting access to PI's data given at end of agenda.
      • About 380 GB behind on mirroring, but catching up.
      • Crystal requests status of Tan data delivery - she needs material for her AAS talk on star formation AAS talk. MH reports that data is unlikely to have all transferred by tmrw, when SS (Contact Scientist) and EF (who did data reduction) will have left. Crystal will be new "data validator", rather than Scott. Scott & Crystal will contact Jonathan after meeting to inform him of impending data delivery, and discuss the possibility of using any of the results at the AAS.
      • Data links with South America and will pressure for 100MB link - ML, DH will discuss with NOAO group at AAS next week. JH & ML will discuss setting up a test for mirroring via disk shipment during trip to Chile at end of month.
    • JAOSupportGroup (John H)
      • See JAOsupportMinutes2011Nov10
      • No word back on IT5. Anticipate IT6 in Feb
      • Data reduction support visits to Chile. Ed and Kartik back from work in Chile Nov-Dec. Next shift: Ed, John, Mark L. & Amy all going down at end of January. Tentative schedules are posted to NAASC2Chile.
      • Working w/SciOpsIPT to define process/requirements for ARC-based data reduction. Hope to have in place by end of January. Arrangement & tracking of ARC data reduction effort will be through Imaging Tiger Team; JSG will continue to coordinate ARC visits to Chile.
      • SC reports that former CSV imaging, calibration & obsmode groups have been combined into a single "observation group", lead by Alison & Robert. Same amount of work, 1/3 the number of people.
    • Imaging/Data Tiger Team (Crystal)
    • News from NRC (Schieven):
    • News from Taiwan (Aaron)
  • Main Topic:
    • Results from ALMA Board telecon on Dec22 concerning announcement of cycle0 extension/cycle 1 delay. Discussed. More discussion at tmrws USG meeting
    • Archive mirroring & replication seems to be working. ARCs will have all PI data in-house. Policies for accessing these data are on a "need to know" basis, as defined below under "Additional Supporting Material"
  • Any Other Business

Additional Supporting Material

[Draft] Policies for ARC staff access to PI data

The NAASC ALMA Mirror archive will contain all observational data, including unreleased ASDMS and proprietary PI datasets. Access to these data is on a "need to know" basis. In particular, as a member of the ALMA ARC support staff, you may not have access to PI data before the proprietary period has expired, except under the following conditions:
  1. You have been assigned the task of investigating a commissioning or Science Operations issue. Written authorization must be given by the JAO (probably through a CSV or SciOps JIRA ticket). Locally, commissioning work is tracked & organized[1] by the Imaging Tiger Team (CBrogan lead), and SciOps work is tracked & organized[1] by the JAO Support Group (JHibbard lead)
  2. You have been assigned the task of investigating a software issue which requires access to PI data. Assignment will be through the s/w JIRA system. This work is tracked & organized[1] by the NAASC Software Group (BGlendenning lead)
  3. You have been assigned as the official data reducer for that dataset. Written authorization must be given by JAO (Baltasar Vila Vilaro, Lars and/or Andreas Lundgren or their designees, probably through a data reduction JIRA ticket). While data reduction is relegated to ARC staff on data reduction visits to Chile (with follow-up work back at the ARC), this work is tracked and organized[1] by JSG (JHibbard lead). Once ARC-based data reduction starts taking place, this work will be tracked and organized[1] by the Imaging Tiger Team (CBrogan lead)
  4. The data have been released to the ARC for distribution to the PI, and you have been assigned as the ARC "validator" of the data and QA2 products. The "validator" of a project is generally the ARC Contact Scientist identified in the P2G JIRA ticket. Substitutions are arranged through the DSG. This work is tracked & organized[1] by the DSG (MLacy lead).
  5. The data has been released to the PI/co-Is, and you are working with them (either as a collaborator, or for f2f support, or to answer a helpdesk ticket). This work is tracked & organized by the USG (CLonsdale lead)
  6. You are the PI or co-I, and the data has passed QA2 and been released for distribution

For use cases 1-5, use of the data shall be confined to the investigation of the observatory issue. It is not ethical to use the data for any scientific investigation, or as preparation for the same. No public presentation (e.g., at a conference) of these data shall be made.

[1] "Tracked & organized by...": these groups set up the processes for assigning and tracking this support. ARC staff must work with the leads to organize their participation in these processes. i.e., they do not arrange them directly with the JAO.

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2012-01-04
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