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  • First Wednesday of each month, 1:00-2:00pm ET, Room 230 (with exceptions noted below*)

NAASC Meeting for April 4, 2012

Table of Contents

This agenda is available at

Meeting Logistics:

  • Call date: Wednesday,Apr 4, 2012
  • Call time: 13:00 ET or 18:00 UT
  • Duration: 1.0 hr
  • Locations: CV-ER230/TUC-N525/AOC-223. room/JAO-Alsacia/JAO-OSF(Science)/NRC
  • Connection for Video:
    • From NRAO select "CV-ER230"
    • hub ip=
    • alternative ip for Chile only, if above drops:
  • USA toll-free Number: 877-803-9367
  • Outside USA Number: +1 434-972-7268
  • Leader: JHibbard (AW standing in)


  • CV:Al, Carol, Dave M., Nuria, Kartik, Rachel, Kim, Scott, Robin, Remy, Todd, Dongchan, Jonathan, Stuartt, Amy, Jim, Harvey, Lyndele, Mark, Ed, Tony, Jared
  • TUC:
  • Socorro:Steve M, Brian, Heidi, Susan
  • Canada: Gerald, Doug, James
  • Chile:
  • Other:
  • Apologies:

Action Items

Upcoming Timeline (click to open)

Closed Action Items:


  • NAASC Visitors: JKeohane; Looney (U. Ill.) coming in July for a year, with Paul Martini following in August..
  • Personnel
    • Welcome to Charlottesville to Stuartt Corder and his family!!
    • Welcome to the NAASC Susan Loveland in Socorro!!
    • Announcement on CSV changes in Chile was distributed.
    • Several open positions
      1. Scripting reprocessing (pipeline) (CV)
      2. High Performance Computing for workstations (CV)
      3. Assistant or Associate Scientist (two-year term)
      4. ALMA-NA Development Program Manager
  • Project News (AWootten)
    • ALMA Cycle 1 Pre-announcement
    • ES Observing session 12 scheduled to begin today.
      • 30 antennas at the AOS (7x7m, 23x12m). 2 x 12m have problems rendering them unusable, some others have specific issues.
      • Last night SB Io SO2 SO B7 TDM FDM Callisto, and SB: 0538 2 spws per bb reportedly successful.
      • Some of the ES session 11 NA datasets may be reduced at the NAASC, process under construction.
    • NRAO-Chile (OCA) Newsletter
    • "This Month @ the NAASC" from the April NRAO eNews
      • Time to begin planning material for May eNews
  • Group Reports
    • Science Communications & EPO (Adams/Lyndele)
      • Kartik: Advocacy Group - at House and Senate, talking about NRAO.
    • NaascManagement (Al)
      • Call for Development Studies update (AWootten).
        • list of proposals to submit to NSF; Top 8 will fit in the budget. Good mix of internal and external proposals.
        • will make list public as soon as NSF approves proposals.
        • Will probably have another set of regional calls next year.
      • Activity focus this month.
        • Call for proposals for Cycle 1
        • ITE6 coming up shortly
    • Science Workshops (Lonsdale/Wootten)
    • UserSupportGroup (Carol)
      • See Mar 29 Minutes
      • Documentation review -
        • Cycle 1 Capabilities
        • Proposer's Guide: What do you as a proposer need to know that is missing or unclear?
        • Technical Handbook
      • Integrated Test 6
        • Phase 1 (all) Apr 9-13
        • APRC Meetings Apr 23-27 SCO
        • USG has reviewed schedules to ensure that everyone has time to both write proposals and work on tasks.
      • Upcoming AoD?
    • DataServicesGroup (Mark)
      • See DataServicesMeetingMinutes
      • 3 datasets delivered in March, done with ACA (for now)
      • still trying to get fast datalink to Chile
      • Susan Loveland working to improve CASA viewer in Socorro. Please pass on hot button items to Mark.
      • Jeff Kern visiting May 1-3 to deliver pipeline
      • Link script from Crystal's wiki page
    • JAOSupportGroup (John H)
      • Integrated Test 6
        • Phase 1 (all) Apr 9-13
        • APRC Meetings Apr 23-27 SCO
      • IT6
      • Data reduction support visits: Tentative schedules are posted to NAASC2Chile.
      • Working w/SciOpsIPT to define process/requirements for ARC-based data reduction. JSG will continue to coordinate ARC visits to Chile.
    • Imaging/Data Tiger Team (Crystal) -
    • News from NRC (Schieven):
      • Thanks for primer comments; incorporating as able. Numbers from Remy and Jeff.
      • Canadian version of ANASAC will be meeting today; discussion about whether or not they should offer CDEs for Cycle 1.
    • News from Taiwan (Aaron)
  • Main Topic:
    • OT on Monday
  • Any Other Business
    • Congratulations on science papers

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2012-04-04
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