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NAASC Organizational Meeting: Wednesday Feb 7, 1-2:30pm ET (1800-1930UT), CV-ER311/TUC-N525/Soc280(SO-conf2)

Meeting Information

  • Call date: 2007-02-07 (Wednesday)
  • Call time 13:00 ET or 18:00 UT
  • Duration: 1.5 hr
  • Non toll-free number: 434-244-6834
  • USA toll-free Number: 866-675-5385
  • Outside USA Number: +1 517-444-6916
  • Passcode: 8445333
  • Leader: John Hibbard


  • CV:
  • Soc:
  • GB:
  • NRC:
  • Other:

Action Items from past meetings


  • NAASC News (Carilli)
    • NAASC proposal is being refereed. Referees reports will be sent to N.Am members of panel that is going to review ALMA Ops Plan. Will be reviewed after AOP on March 1 2007. The first 'stand-up' practice session for the March 1 review will be Feb 9 at 9AM EST. A second delta-stand up will be held Feb 26 in the afternoon/evening. We expect preliminary comments from the review panel by Feb 9. They have already requested an analysis of the peso-dolar exchange effect, and a new budget based on Ops Plan version C.
      • Reviews are in full swing. got first set of comments. main these are (i) reporting issues, (ii) basis for staffing estimates. No need for written responses, just include in presentations. Feb 9 practice is mostly organizational, will have real wallk-though perhaps Feb 26 in DC?
    • The "ALMA Operations Plan, version B" is being revised by Operations Working Group. Version B5 sent Jan 29. Version C for external review due to ALMA Board Feb 8. To be externally reviewed Feb 27-28 in Washington D.C.
    • The NA URSI meeting is 22-26 July 2007 in Ottawa. Commission J topics include a focus on ALMA: Peter Napier and Lewis Knee are co-chairs of the "Advances for the ALMA" session. Proposals for half or full day workshops in conjunction with the meeting are accepted through 2 February. We should consider this. WVR phase correction (would include VLA)? Anything happening with this?
      • Knee reports planning for URSI/ALMA is going very well. lots of canadian and US talks.
    • Upcoming NAASC Science Colloquiua and Meetings
      • 7 February 7pm Charlottesville Astronomical Society Al Wootten 'ALMA'
      • 8 February 4pm NRAO Colloquium Thomas Greve (Caltech) "Understanding the Gastrophysics of Massive Galaxies: Lessons Learned From High-z and Low-z"
      • 9 February 4pm Star Formation Discussion Group TBA
      • 12 February 4pm UVa Colloquium Jim Rose "The Role of Environment in Depleting the ISM of Spiral Galaxies"
      • 15 February 4pm NRAO Colloquium Brenda Matthews (NRC/HIA) "Debris Disks Around Low Mass Stars: Frequency, Grain Growth and the Search for Planets"
      • 16 February 4pm Molecular Astrophysics Discussion Group "Constraining the Dust Condensation Sequence of AGB stars in the LMC" Jarron Leisenring, and "Characteristics of Ices Around Low-Mass Protostars" Gail Zasowski
      • 16 February 4pm Radford U. Physics Colloquium Al Wootten "ALMA"
      • 22 February 4pm NRAO Colloquium Antonio Hales, NRAO "Probing the Environments of Planet Formation"
      • 23 February 4pm Star Formation Discussion Group TBA

    • Latest telecon occurred on Friday Jan 26 2007. Minutes
    • Next meeting March 9
    • Carilli discussed last meeting. Formalized interim charges procedure. New charge -- think about future workshops. They want a copy of the Ops plan (global and US) in March if possible. ESAC - Sept big community meeting, one day thing. Next workshop -- surveys. who pays? EU radio net. Japan had winter school.

  • Reports from Working Groups
    • Software Testing (Hibbard):
      • Pipeline testing: Test4 Jan 10 to Feb 9 2007. John & Ed are external testers from the NAASC.
      • Brogan and Reid developing ALMA/CASA simlator. McMullin going to CV to help with simlator. Goal to get use for workshop.
      • Offline testing: Test5 moved to week of March 5th to accommodate Japanese participants. Tony Remijan & Chris Carilli will be NAASC testers. L. Knee will also be tester. C. Brogran will pre-test. March shin-dig. prepretesting with claussen/shepherd/fomalont. Pretesting friday. working round the clock. gotta get it ready for testing in march since folks flying in.
      • Casapy User Interface: Test reports etc. can be found at
      • Casapy simulator: Expected to be released to the NAASC in Feb 2007. Current plan is that both Joe McMullen and Steve Myers will travel to C'ville for first week of Feb. for initial NAASC testing. They are still hoping for an April public release of simulator (will be casapy underneath but only show simulator stuff to the user).
    • Calibration Group (JeffMangum): Calibration
      • Jeff at ATF to do optical pointing
    • Imaging Group (AlWootten):
    • MM Calibrator/Spectral Line Databases (Tony Remijan)
      • F. Lovas will spend a month or two at NAASC this summer helping to add content to splatalogue.
    • Webpages (Tony Remijan):
      • Tony's done a lot of work on a calendar. Lets all try to use it. Tony has updated the calendar in beautiful way. we should all use and put things there. Other pages are in reasonable shape. simulator will be updated when we have one. Sensitivity is properly linked to ESO but need check if calculator is correct
    • EPO (Adams/J. Uson)
      • Newsletter articles due March 1
      • Waiting for Fred's approval of new ALMA hire
    • NAASC Workshops (Brogan)
      • 2007 Disk workshop:
        • Pre-registration and Abstract submission is now open (until Feb. 28)
        • 58 People are currently pre-registered
        • Anneila Sargent has agreed to give Keynote talk
        • over 100 preregisters. first come first serve. logistics hotels all in order.
      • Are Carilli & Simon Radford still planing a working group meeting between the CCAT and NAASC in the early Spring? No progress on this -- given the ANASAC response to the discussions in CV in September, we need to tread lightly here, and avoid the impression of favoritism.
    • ALMA Meetings: (Wootten)

-- JohnHibbard - 07 Feb 2007
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