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NAASC Organizational Meeting: Wednesday Dec 5, 1-2:30pm ET (1800-1930UT), CV-ER311/TUC-N525/Soc280(SO-conf2)

Meeting Information

  • Call date: 2007-12-05 (Wednesday)
  • Call time 13:00 ET or 18:00 UT
  • Duration: 1.5 hr
  • Non toll-free number: 434-244-6834
  • USA toll-free Number: 866-675-5385
  • Outside USA Number: +1 517-444-6916
  • Passcode: 8445333#
  • Leader: Hibbard


  • CV: AW, JH, RR, JM, AR, CB, TH, RI, RHills
  • Soc: AH, CC, BG
  • GB:
  • ATF:
  • Canada: JdF
  • SCO:

Action Items from past meetings

  • ACTION: Produced NAASC proposal/budget consistent with AOPverD
    • WHO: Carilli/Hibbard
    • DUE: Dec-15
    • DONE: New budget done 11/13.
  • ACTION: set up search committee for 3 NAASC jobs
    • WHO: Carilli
    • DUE: Nov 31
    • DONE: Dec 03
    • NOTES: n
  • ACTION: Iterate with NRC on Canadian MOU
    • WHO: Carilli/di Francesco
    • DUE: Nov 31 -> Jan15
    • DONE: Sent to AUI Dec 05. Lets iterate again by Jan 15
  • ACTION: Submit Newsletter article
    • WHO: Carilli et al. (Remijan for splatalogue)
    • DUE: Dec 3
    • DONE: Dec 5
  • ACTION: Review NAASC webpage you are responsible for (see assignments) prior to monthly NAASC Org. Meeting
    • WHO: Everyone
    • DUE: prior to meeting
    • DONE:

New Action Items from this meeting:


  • NAASC News (Carilli/Hibbard)
    • NAASC staffing. Due to some unknowable snafu, the CSV job(s) did not run properly in the AAS job register, and do not appear in the past version. AAS will re-advertise, so we have moved deadline back to Jan 30. This is the most important activity we will do, so we should be more proatctive. There will not be many "new" positions in NAASC, so lets try to get the right people. Send advertisements to mailing lists (almanews, SMA. What else?), and target promising individuals. Open jobs: listed on NRAO employeement page and front of NAASC homepage (along with links to ESO and JAO ALMA positions):
    • Keeping a list of weekly action items at NaascToDo. Feel free to use.
    • Need to produce new version of NAASC plan - budget methodology; changes from Washington Review.
    • CASA beta support: beta users identified from ANASAC, SAGE, NRAO Users Committee, ESAC, EVLA advisory committee. . None yet from EASAC. See list at HelpDesk. Working on triage - just Crystal and me so far!
    • Socorro bootcamp went well. SM will send around summary
    • Revision of Canadian MOU is in the works. Need to iterate again with James. James reports that Canadian CFI grant was extended to 2009
    • MOU with UVML for SIS development is in the works. Met today with NTC, Art to finalize.
    • Newsletter article due. CC sent around draft, and has received some feedback. Article on Splatalogue?No, wait till march issue
    • Document from HR on Temporary Field Service Allowance in Chile. 15% bonus. Will apply to AoD trips, but only if over 21 days (i.e., back-to-back turnos).
    • Upcoming ATF schedule for the coming month:
      • Antonio nowRemy next week
      • Tony next two weeks
      • Remy in 2 weeks
      • This information is in a number of calendars.
      • ACTION: get links for various calendars to NAASC wiki. Deb's ATF google calendar; Pecks ATF scheduling calendar - see AL's agenda. (JH)
    • Science Talks/visits:
    • Upcoming NAASC Science Colloquia and Meetings: see ANASAC notes

  • ANASAC (Carilli)
    • Chose next workshop subject: Massive Star Formation. SOC co-chairs=Remy & Andrew Baker

  • Main Event:
    • Staffing & Recruitment (see above)
    • ALMA Simulator planning (Indebetouw). Discussion ensued. Note that Michiel Kiah (sp?) and Francois Viallfond should have time next year to work on more simulation stuff.

  • Reports from Working Groups
    • Software Testing
    • Calibration Group (JeffMangum): Calibration
    • Imaging Group (AlWootten):
    • MM Calibrator/Spectral Line Databases (Tony Remijan)
      • We are expecting a "beta" release of all the new functionality, as well as some new surprises, by Dec 2007. Remijan will write newsletter article
    • Webpages (Tony Remijan):
      • Are these up to date?
    • EPO (Adams)
      • We need revised ALMA EPO plan/staff ramp-up from Mark by Dec 15
      • Jan newsletter article due
      • Ad for ALMA EPO specialist Posted.
      • New EPO webcontent specialist: Taylor Johnson. Will be the point person for images.
    • NAASC Workshops (Evans)
      • Massive Star Formation. SOC co-chairs=Remy & Andrew Baker.
    • ALMA Meetings: (Wootten)

-- JohnHibbard - 04 Dec 2007
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