1 Participants: Brian, Gerald, Crystal, Carol, Al, Mark, John 1 NAASC: Safety on site. Endorse cell phone with programmed numbers.
    • Development.
    • CSV PS Committee formed
    • Visiting Committee this week GB
    • User Committee next week Socorro. 1 JSG: OT tests, document review proceeding on schedule. 1 UG: Working toward Summer School, AAS, Webinar 1 Tiger Team: Reductions being accomplished, much work, more bees needed. 1 DM team.
    • KS and MH to NAOJ.
    • Jobs: In process, candidate identified.
  1. SW:
    • CASA release delayed.
    • Jp, Eu, Cl counterparts working on implementation plan for followon to CIPT
  2. HIA
    • Primer progressing.
    • Presentations for CASCA AT Calgary being assembled. Overlaps with NRAO summer school.

-- AlWootten - 2012-05-24
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