Meeting summary:

Participants: JH, CB, ML

We only go through the first three items. Notes:

  1. POP - people should look over proposed start dates and M&S plans devised for FY2011 POP, and tell me any desired modifications at next weeks meeting.
    • CB notes that before deciding on start-dates, we need to understand the desired skill sets. So lets discuss that some time next week, either at next weeks management meeting, or as a meeting set up at next weeks management meeting.
    • We also discussed the schedule for tutorials (since these are reported in the POP). The evolving plan is leaning towards a OT ph-I tutorial in Feb for a larger group of people, with OT-phII & CASA tutorials in-town (in house?) in the summer, geared just towards those with approved projects. CB wants to know - do we prefer the Feb tutorials at the Omni or in Wash. D.C.? Can we reserve a venue in the absence of a firm date?
  2. ALMA Integrated Test - Helpdesk document. We discussed at length. Make more "rules" and less conceptual. Mark is updating.

Sorry - thats all we got through - both Mark and I have standing 11am meetings that make this one need to end on time.


Pre-meeting agenda from John Hibbard:

I guess I am expected to do an agenda? So here's my way of doing it - I know its not everyones way.

Note; I put topics in that we will not cover if either Carol or Al are unavailable, just as a means of tracking. I personally don't think people should call in if they are on vacation or on other business. Besides, there is more in the agenda than we can reasonably cover in 1 hr.

NAASC Group Heads meeting (since Al and Carol are on vacation)

Monday Aug 23, 10-11 ET
Invitees: Carol, Crystal, Mark L., Al, John

Terse Agenda, arranged by due dates:

*=will not cover if Carol unavailable

  1. NAASC FY2011 Program Operations Plan (POP)
  2. ALMA Integrated Test
  3. *NAASC Long Range Plan (LRP)
  4. *Risk Register to NSF
  5. *ANASAC f2f
  6. Material for OpsRR
  7. JIRA for NAASC
  8. Internal Splatalogue Science Management Team
  9. Update to our individual "near term goals"
  10. Group Reports

More detailed Agenda (to remind me of issues to touch on)

  1. NAASC FY2011 Program Operations Plan (POP) (Due: Aug 13)
    • While this was already sent in, I will soon need to transfer the planning budget into an actual budget, so would like to finalize planned start dates for new hires, and any changes to M&S items (Will defer deciding this till after Carol is back, but people should review what was in the plan). Also, is tutorial plan in NAASC consistent (I have to look this up) with plan in OSO POP (2 CASA tutorials & 1 OT tutorial) & our actual plans?
  2. ALMA Integrated Test (Starts Wed Aug 25) Discussion of Helpdesk workflow document sent around by Mark
  3. *NAASC Long Range Plan (LRP) (Due Aug 27)
    • To be finalized: transition plan & development plan (will not cover this topic if neither Carol nor Al are available)
  4. *Risk Register to NSF (Due Aug 27) (will not cover this topic if Carol unavailable)
  5. *ANASAC f2f (Will happen Sept 13-14)
    • (will not cover this topic if Carol unavailable) Any discussion of proposed charges? What will be submitted for their review prior to their meeting?
  6. Material for OpsRR (Due Sept 28)
    • Are we on track?
    • ALMA Start up (JH)
    • Helpdesk staff manual (ML/KSha)
    • Revised ALMA primer (USG group)
    • updated OT templates (JSG - done)
    • CASA guides with SV data (Tiger Team)
    • OT guides? (Part of primer update?)
    • updated material from previous review:
      • NAASC Implementation Plan (JH)
      • Helpdesk Reqts (JH)
      • User Portal Reqts (looks like JAO will take this)
  7. JIRA for NAASC
    • See email from Mark.
  8. Internal Splatalogue Science Management Team
    • Do we need to discuss? I just want to get off the emails, and have Harvey involved.
  9. Update to our individual "near term goals" that was sent around when we described the NAASC organization to the group.
  10. Group Reports (Only items not included in the above)

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-08-23

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