NA ALMA Antenna Review

Oct 27-29, 2014

NRAO HQ Auditorium

Video connection:

Audio only connection: 434-817-6279

Weekend Contact Info

If you run into problems over the weekend that need Lyndele's help, please send an email to lyndele @




Terms of Reference Document

Review Panel Reference List

ALMA Antennas' Surface Performance: Thermal Deformation

Panel Participants

Name   Affiliation Flight info Check-in Check-out Confirmation NDA Notes
David Woody (Chair) [] Caltech-OVRO CHO 11:42pm Oct 26 Oct 29

Marriott #86661998

Yellow cab at CHO: 668316

received purchased own ticket
Shin'ichiro Asayama [] NAOJ   Oct 26 Oct 29 Marriott #86661982; sharing taxi van with Masahiro and Japie Ludick (671935) received purchased through Vicki
Jaap Baars [] MPIfR - Bonn CHO Oct 25 Oct 30 (Courtyard 29 #87711675 on the 25th;Courtyard UVA, 26-30; #86663765) received Avis 33305095US5
Darrel Emerson [] NRAO RIC Oct 26 Oct 30

Marriott #86663342

rental booked with AVIS

  Ticket purchased
Richard Hills [] MRAO-Cambridge   Oct 26 Oct 29

Marriott #86663331

Marriott Dulles #83435369

received Avis 33888104US5; hotel in DC on Oct 29
Michael Kesteven [] CSIRO   Oct 25 Oct 30

Marriott 29N #82154265

Marriott UVA #86663328

Robert Laing [] ESO   Oct 26 US5072 Oct 29

Marriott #86661983

Yellow cab CHO pickup: 668237

received ESO will invoice NRAO
Japie Ludick [] SKA-South Africa   Oct 26 Oct 29 Marriott #86661984; sharing taxi van with Masahiro and Shin'ichiro (671935) received Ticket purchased
Peter Napier [] NRAO            
Steve Padin [] CalTech   Oct 26 AA 4828 Oct 29

Marriott #86661985

Yellow cab CHO pick-up: # 671819.

Nick Whyborn [] JAO   Oct 25 Oct 29 (Courtyard 29 #87711686 on the 25th; Courtyard UVA 26-30 #86661993) received will purchase own ticket


Name Affiliation Check-in Check-out Confirmation NDA Notes
Tony Beasley NRAO          
Phil Jewell NRAO/NA ALMA          
Bill Randolph NRAO/NA ALMA          
Art Symmes NRAO/NA ALMA          
Jeff Mangum NRAO/NA ALMA          
Al Wootten NRAO/NA ALMA          
Fred Schwab NRAO          
Masahiro Sugimoto JAO

Oct 26

DL 5246 11:59am

Oct 29

Marriott #86663314; self-pay

Yellow Cab # 671935 CHO pickup shared van

Seiichi Sakamoto EA ALMA Oct 26 (IAD) Oct 28

Marriott UVA #86662002; self-pay

Dulles Marriott Expedia #778616157256

Taxi to Dulles #668188 Yellow Cab

Jeff Zivick CCAT N/A     received  
Suzette Lucy GD Satcom Oct 26 Oct 29 Marriott #87476576; self-pay received  
Peter Fasel Vertex Antennentechnik Oct 26 Oct 29 Marriott #86662020; self-pay sent  
Konrad Pausch Vertex Antennentechnik Oct 26 Oct 29 Marriott #86663315; self-pay sent  

Observers by Phone/Video

Participant Connection information
Peter Napier

Oct 27: CR280 (DSOC)

Oct 28: CR317

Oct 29: CR 217

Serge Guniat will dial the AUD hub from Chile (using IP at top of page)

Transportation Information

  • Taxi Service: Reservations with Yellow Cab can be made via email (dispatch @ or by phone (434-295-4131). Yellow Cab offers the following flat-rate fares between regional airports and the Colonnade Club:
    • from CHO to Courtyard Marriott UVA - $25
    • from IAD to Courtyard Marriott UVA - $173
    • to IAD from Charlottesville - $160
    • to/from RIC (each way) - $130


Rooms have been booked at the Courtyard Marriott at UVA, with the check-in/check-out days shown in the above table. Please review and let Lyndele know if the dates need to be adjusted.
  • Driving directions from Courtyard Marriott to NRAO
  • If you are paying for your hotel stay, please provide your credit card number upon check-in

Jansky Lecture, October 27th, Paramount

Dinner, October 28th, 6PM

Escafe, Downtown Charlottesville

Lunch, October 29th, 12:00pm

Catered by South Fork Food Truck

Location, Directions, and Maps


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