NAASC Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Attached are various representations of the WBS for North American ALMA Operations and the NAASC from October 2011. This is consistent with the NRAO "Observatory Science Operations" (OSO) realignment. As a result of this realignment, there will be account elements in our WBS where we actually have no effort assigned (e.g., GBTIDL, AIPS).

The figures have been color coded to highlight the most relevant codes. Boxes with light shading and black text are those that are relevant for NAASC support staff to charge to in FY2011. Boxes with a Red outline are the most common elements most of NAASC scientific staff this year. Boxes with a dark shading and white text are either closed to direct charges (so-called "roll-up" accounts), or that are not appropriate for NAASC scientific staff to charge to. Some accounts have further lower-level elements associated with them. These are indicated by a "..." or "(10, 20, 30, 40)" or "(1, 2, 3)". The "..." accounts are not relevant for most of you. The other ones are for some of you (notably Janksy Fellows and people working on CASA) - they encode the work location (10 or 1=Charlottesville, 20 or 2=Greenbank, 30 or 3=Socorro, 40=Other). For those accounts, you do not charge to the listed account, but the account with the suffix according to your work location. E.g., a Jansky Fellow in Charlottesville would be booked to 712110 (712100 with the 10 suffix). Below the most relevant boxes is a short description of the tasks that these elements involve.



Default ETK Effort

The Default ETK Effort Table lists the default accounts to which your time will be charged, for use with the "Monthly Percentage Entry" in ETK. For most work-weeks, this should reflect how you split your time. Note that there is a √ mark next to the account that serves as your "home account."

Atypical ETK Effort

However, there are a number of areas we expect staff to charge effort to, but on a per-effort basis. On the days you work in these areas, you should add the appropriate accounts or codes to your timecard.
  • 711000 Diversity
  • 721000 JAO CSV Support in Chile
  • 723000 Science Exchange (visits to another ARC, ARC node, or possibly Chile)
  • 782100 Technical Assessments or Proposal Review support
  • 782610 Software Testing
  • "Admin" code in ETK for time spent in meetings not directly associated with your work in the NAASC
  • "EPO" code in ETK for time spent on EPO efforts

If you have any questions, please contact JohnHibbard.

As we move to this system, we would like you to book your travel according to its purpose. E.g., travel to Chile for ALMA Ops would be booked to 721000.4690. Travel to represent NAASC at a meeting or for a tutorial would be booked to 782520.xxxx. Travel for research would be booked to 782700.xxxx. (where xxxx= appropriate object codes, 4690 for international travel, 4686 for domestic travel). Note - while you will book your research travel to a separate account, you will not do so for the time you spend on science research.

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-- JohnHibbard - 2010-11-19
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