How do Teams work?

  • Teams undertake the actual work Tasks of the NAASC (some tasks might be undertaken by single individuals)
  • Teams are led from within a Group, but can have Team Members from other Groups
  • Teams can be temporary or long-term
  • Team Leads are responsible for the successful implementation/performance of the Task


The Helpdesk Team

Team Lead: Tony

Task Description: Operate the helpdesk: staffing schedules, ticket triage, ticket responses, knowledgebase articles, interfaces with other ARCs.

Team Members: Most members of NAASC will be called on to staff the triage, answer tickets and write knowledgebase articles. They are all members of the Helpdesk Team.

Roles of Team Leads and Members

  • Role of Team Lead
    • Receive Task from Group Lead
    • Generate Task Plan
      • goals, requirements, staffing, schedule
    • Review/revise plan with Group Lead, who will obtain agreement from NAASC management and arrange for the required staffing
    • Lead the Task
      • direct team member activities
      • responsible for successful performance/completion on schedule with available resources
      • bring conflicts and other issues to Group Lead for assistance with resolution
  • Role of Team Member
    • Take direction from Team Lead
    • Responsible for committing to Task requirements and undertaking them on schedule
    • Responsible for own work load:
      • make realistic assessment of effort required for task assignments
      • bring conflicts and potential over-commitments to the attention of Team and Group Leads before taking on new tasks

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2010-10-27

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