June 1, 2011

Attendees: Sienny, Padgett, Doug Scott, Amy Kimball, Carol Lonsdale, Tony Remijan, D. Wilner, M. Lacy, Jonathon, Lyndele von Schill, Alberto

Sent invitations to complete the scientific spectrum of workshop

Agenda: 3.5 days, with opp for discussion on the last 1/2 of 4th day

Seven sessions for each topic, with possibility to extend into last 1/2 of 4th day

Have workshop dinner on 3rd day (Dome Room, Rotunda)


Showcase of results from NRAO facilities beyong ALMA:
  • EVLA results - obs for 1 year, will have results from BMA by March. Prefer to integrate EVLA results into individual scientific sessions. Claire can help with this.
  • Prefer to display to integrate GB, VBLA and EVLA results rather than as separate sessions.
  • 3 introductory 1/2 hour talks at the beginning presenting the 3 instrumentsto give people an overview of current capabilities of instruments (Crystal)
  • Science driven approach

How much Early Science results may we have by March? Some preliminary results, but more verification results by March (Crystal). There will be no embargo on verification results, but would people have it long enough to make sense of it? If there are CSV results, leave to presenters to decide if there is anything to say.

Timing: Mar 3-6

Dome Room - 105 seated dinner or reception

Venue: Omni

Next steps (Tony/Lyndele):

NEED (SOC): 1-2 para blurb describing the scope of the conference






-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-06-01
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