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NAASC Orientation

Welcome to the NAASC. This page is intended to help you find the resources that you need in order to get settled in as quickly as possible. Please let Katelyn know if you discover broken links or if you have trouble finding information.

Moving to Charlottesville? Visit The NAASC Welcome Guide for information about Charlottesville.

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Cheat Sheet

This table should help you find the right person to help you with any problems that you might encounter during your first days and weeks at the NAASC. Please note that the Preferred method for requesting help with computing and other IT issues is via the HelpDesk.

Katelyn (or dial 0308) can also help.

Topic email Link Phone Notes
IT Help
The preferred method of communicating with the Help Desk is via a HelpDesk ticket.
Timesheet questions
Employee Self Services Portal (ESS), Timekeeping (ETK), Online Requisition (P2P)
Telephone Directory
A/V in Conference Rooms
immediate help: AV Help
Use link for information about capabilities of each room, including IP addresses and call-in numbers
Conference rooms (reserve)
help: Lyndele
0308 Lyndele
Use link to reserve a room
Telephone How-to
immediate help: Lyndele
Dial "9" for outside line; dial "8" + last 4 numbers for other NRAO sites (Green Bank, Socorro, Chile)
For room and outside door keys
0308 Lyndele von Schill
The printer in the 3rd floor mailroom has fax capability. Instructions are posted on the wall behind the printer.
0308 Lyndele von Schill
The printer in the 3rd floor mailroom will scan and email documents. Ask Lyndele for instructions
Voice Mail
default password is last 4 digits of phone number. You should change the password.
Physical Plant problems
repairs and damage reports
to use NRAO Fleet Vehicles

Things to do first

  • Bookmark the following links:
  • Review and make sure that you are a member of the appropriate NAASC Calendars (Out of Office, and others are designated by your supervisor). See more below under "About Calendars." Note that Michael should give you access to the following. You will need to give Michael the email address that you use for google.
    • NAASC Out of Office Calendar (to record scheduled absences, including whether or not, and how, you might be reached.
    • NAASC Work Meetings calendar
  • Review and make sure that you are a member of the appropriate Mailing Lists.
  • Make sure that you are set up to access and edit TWikiWeb. To test, go to the Staff Wiki Home Page. When asked to login, use your windows user name (typically your first initial and first 7 letters of your last name). Contact the HelpDesk if you do not have such an account or have difficulty accessing the site.
  • Access to jira.alma.cl (if needed). Access granted by request to Max Simmonds msimmond @ alma dot cl

NAASC Organization & Policies

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the contents of the NAASC Organization & Policies wiki page. The NAASC Organizational Chart will give you a good overview of the NAASC reporting structure.

The NAASC Organization & Policies wiki page includes information about:

Of particular note


To find the accounts (known as Work Breakdown Structure, or WBS) to which salaries, travel and other employment related expenses are charged, go to https://staff.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/NAASC/NAASCBusinessServices. A graphical representation of the WBS account codes can be found at that location. Note that you will need to be logged into the NRAO secure network in order to access these pages.

Effort and Time-Keeping

Monthly employees typically log their time using the ETK Monthly Percentage link (found through the Employee Self-Service Portal and and the tab at top, "ETK Applications").

ETK for Employee Time Keeping

The NAASC Wiki

The main NAASC Wiki page contains (or links to) most of the information that you'll need in order to keep up with what is happening at the NAASC. If you're looking for information about NAASC activities, it's a good idea to start there.


Check with your functional supervisor to be sure that you know which meetings -especially standing meetings- you are expected to attend. More information about NAASC meetings can be found at Standing Groups and Meetings on the main NAASC wiki page.

About Calendars

Meeting Calendars

The NAASC uses Google calendars for a number of purposes, especially for keeping track of meetings.

A list of all NAASC calendars can be found https://staff.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/NAASC/WebHome.

Simply click the + sign at the bottom of the calendar(s) to add to your calendar list. Check with your functional supervisor to make sure that you join all the appropriate calendars.

Out of Office Calendar

If you plan to be away from the office for more than a day, please note the date(s) that you will be away, where you will be (if work-related) and how/if you can be contacted if needed.


Much of our NAASC information and documentation is shared via Wiki pages. General information and basic instructions about the Twiki system is available here.

NRAO maintains two Wiki servers:

  • The Public Wiki is open to the public for viewing.
  • The Staff Wiki is restricted to Staff with accounts on the Windows Active Directory [AD]).
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