Minutes from Sept 22 NAASC Org Meeting

News & Information

  • Carol is stepping down Sept 30; welcome to Al as new NAASC Head
    • Message from Carol regarding her stepping down as NAASC leader. Will continue as lead for USG. NAASC has a great staff and has made great progress. Cycle 0 has gone well. NAASC is very important to NRAO, and is on track to continue with its fantastic progress. Thanks to Al for stepping forward to lead the NAASC.
    • Message from Al - fortunate to be able to work on a program that is on the leading edge of science. Thanks; I'm looking forward to the next 18 months.
  • PI letters for Highest Priority programs were mailed Monday; appropriate information posted to science web
    • Information has been sent and information updated on website.
  • OSO-organized Data Management review for ASC Tues, Weds. 1NAASC (& GBT) will have a similar review
    • Crystal chaired review board, under management of OSO, integration of user support is underway. There will be a parallel review of the NAASC
  • ANASAC meeting next week, Sept 28, 29. Dry run 10-2 Friday 23rd, auditorium
  • ANASAC meets with NAASC, Weds, 12.45-1.30 - strongly encouraged to participate.
  • ASAC meets here Oct 5,6

Upcoming timeline

  • SB preparation
    • through Sept 28: 1st batch of SBs, compact array
    • Oct 16-29: 2nd batch of SBs, compact array
    • Dec 2 - Jan 10: 3rd batch of SBs, extended array
  • Sept 28, 29: ANASAC meeting, CV* Oct 5,6 ASAC meeting, CV
  • Oct 12-14: ALMA Science Analysis Software meeting, Charlottesville
  • Cycle 1 Strawman timeline: see https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/NAASC?sortcol=table;up=#Looking_Ahead
    • 2011Dec01: Cycle 1 pre-announcement (baseline capabilities & stretch capabilities)
    • 2011Feb01: Cycle 1 CfP
    • 2011Mar29: Cycle 1 proposal deadline
  • Data Processing workshop, CV, December 1,2
  • Jan 8-12: Austin AAS, Town Hall, Special Session, Splinter Session
  • March 3-6: Next Science Workshop (VI): Outflows, Winds, and Jets: from Young Stars to Supermassive Black Holes

NAASC Focus Items

  • Contact Scientists should begin contacting PIs
  • Scheduling Blocks being prepared by P2G: Harvey, Kartik, Stuartt
  • Preparing for data reduction & optimizing SBs
  • Evaluation of data reduction complexity; Tiger Team
    • Remy asked if there will be a 'lessons learned' from failures in the review process
    • Lyndele to create a Cycle0 Review Process Lessons Learned - in Private Wiki
  • PI feedback; proposer feedback
  • Prep for Dec workshop; hardware setup (with DSG; CIS); trainers
    • Mark noted that it is a challenge to login via laptop - perhaps purchasing a couple of monitors
    • Need to be sure that we're properly set-up.
    • Mark will talk with David H to work out cabling and monitors
  • ES Cycle 0 instrument status
    • 16th antenna approved
    • Japanese antenna in compact configuration does not work in band 9
    • Plan still to start on September 30th
    • Some cartridges are not working correctly; 26 front ends have been delivered, so may be able to swap out.

Other Topics from Groups & Teams

  • NRC (Gerald)
    • request comments for Primer update by Oct 15- please send to Gerald with copy to Jim Braatz
  • Science
    • Still with NAOJ - Can we post schedule -Nov 3 & 4th?
  • Signposts of Planets 18-20 Oct GSFC
  • USNC-URSI-Comm J meeting Boulder Abstract deadline 23 Sep; http://www.nrao.edu/usnc-ursi-j/
  • Sramek and Mangum giving ALMA update talks
  • AAS Meeting registration--Early reg is over, abstracts due 5 Oct
  • Project news and CSV (Al, Stuartt)
  • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
    • eNews deadling tomorrow
  • EPO (John Stoke)
  • User Support Group (Carol)
  • Sci web updates planned
  • CDEs schedules
  • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
    • Need to improves scheduling
    • 16 more cluster nodes delivered, waiting on cables (when installed it'll bring us up to 24 nodes)
    • Archive sync is now fully achieved with SCO
    • Data link speed to SCO will rise from current 10Mb/s (actually a little more in practice) to 100Mb/s on Oct 1
    • Program for Software Dev meeting will be posted early next week
      * JAO Support Group (John)
      * Tiger Team (Crystal)
  • Additional reports from teams / individuals

Past Agendas/Minutes

* AgendawithMinutes2011July7NaascOrg * AgendawithMinutes2011May18NaascOrg * AgendawithMinutes2011Apr20NaascOrg * AgendawithMinutes2011March16NaascOrg * AgendaWithMinutes2011Feb16 * Agenda2010Dec15 Minutes2010Dec15 * Agenda2010Nov16 Minutes2010Nov16 * Agenda2010Oct10 Minutes2010Oct20

Attendees: NAASC Team

-- CarolLonsdale - 2010-10-19

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-09-22
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