Management Roles and Evaluation of Progress

1. The group head is the line supervisor for group members, and has the responsibilty for coaching and appraising the performance of group members.

2. Task leaders hold the responsibility for the successful completion of the task, and carry the appropriate authority to effect the accomplishment of the task on schedule.

3. Group leads are responsible for ensuring that task leads have the necessary resources to meet their task on schedule. Shortage of resources can be addressed by the NAASC management team by:

  • Extension of the schedule for the task.

  • Delay of the task until resources become available.

  • Re-prioritizing of other tasks to provide additional resources for the task in question.

  • Acquiring additional resources from outside the NAASC.

  • Suitable outsourcing of the task.

4. Task leads communicate required actions, expectations and schedle to all contributing task members.

5. Is a team member's commitments are not being met as expected, the task lead will:

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