Expectations Regarding Standing Meetings

  1. All standing meetings should have a well-defined “purpose” that is properly articulated. A “well-defined purpose” can include a standing purpose, such as routine reporting on weekly progress of each task and action item.
  2. The meeting lead will arrange time, venue, mode of interaction (phone, Videocon, room) in concert with principals.
  3. The meeting lead will decide the list of invitees but will announce the meeting time, location, purpose and expected parties to the entire NAASC team (at least naasc-cv and naasc-nrc) preferably more than 2 days prior to the meeting.
  4. For standing meetings, all regular participants are expected to be aware of the meeting and to attend regardless of when, or whether, a reminder announcement is made.
  5. The meeting lead will :
    • Send or post an agenda at least 1 day in advance of the meeting
    • Arrange for someone to take meeting notes
    • Keep the meeting on track and on time
      • allow open, discrete, discussions prior to decisions
      • call time if necessary
      • focus the meeting towards clear resolutions to issues
      • form tiger teams /small groups to resolve issues post-meeting when necessary
    • Solicit comments from all participants
    • Enforce the rules of interaction and communication (Section IV).
    • Post meeting minutes in a timely fashion
    • Announce the posting of minutes to the whole of NAASC
  6. Meeting participants will:
    • Do homework in preparation for the meeting
    • Listen actively (don’t check email!)
    • Be respectful
    • When talking be brief, direct and on topic: share air time
    • Speak one at a time, speak clearly to be understood, speak directly to one another
    • Refrain from interrupting other speakers
    • It is OK to disagree, but be constructive when commenting on ideas of other team members, and look to build on ideas
    • Avoid side conversations
    • Keep a record of the meeting relevant to their own needs
    • Have fun!

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2010-10-27

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