Incidental Meetings

Incidental meetings are meetings of any significance between 3 or more people that are scheduled in addition to standing meetings.

  1. A lead for the meeting is the person who called the meeting, or a person to be identified by the participants.
  2. The rules for calling, announcing and providing an agenda that apply to standing meetings will be held to for incidental meetings when possible and convenient, but can be waived if circumstances dictate.
  3. The rules of interactions for standard meetings will be adhered to in incidental meetings.
  4. The meeting lead will post brief minutes. The minutes will include:
    • List of participants Date, location, mode.
    • Purpose of the meeting.
    • Assigned actions, assignees, and due dates.
  5. Expected follow-up (including follow-up meeting dates if any)
  6. The minutes for incidental meetings are not required to be detailed.
  7. The results of the meeting should be communicated to the full NAASC team at the next team & group standing meetings.

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2010-10-27

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