Housing in Charlottesville

The following information is not intended to be comprehensive; there are many, many places to find information about apartments, condos and houses in the Charlottesville area. These links may help you get started, however.

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Short Term (week-to week or month-to-month)

There are a fairly limited number of places that offer a month-to-month lease. Possibilities include:
Long Term rental

Most leases are at least 6 months to a year and seem to be tied to the academic calendar (typically running from August to July).

Faculty Housing at UVA

An excellent alternative for the scientific staff is Faculty Housing at UVA. In order to get faculty housing, you'll need to:
  • Fill out an application online
  • The Astronomy Department will need to send a letter stating that you are an adjunct faculty and include dates of appointment.
  • Barbara Johnson is a very helpful person in the UVA Astronomy Dept. You should first ask her -and John Hawley, the current department chair- to make you an adjunct faculty member (this may not work for post-docs).
  • In order to be appointed as an adjunct faculty member, you'll need to provide a CV and list of publications.

Faculty House is located very near campus, has internet and cable included and allows for a lease of precisely the length you need. You'll need a parking permit for the housing area, but it is easy to get and pretty inexpensive. Simply go to the UVA Parking office and ask for a permit.


Charlottesville offers a lot neighborhoods and lifestyles to choose from. Unfortunately, there is no single, easy resource available to research all of the option. A few people have collected good lists of information; we've included some of the them below.

Other options include:
  • Contacting a real estate agent
  • Craigslist
  • The Hook (a local weekly newspaper)
  • C'ville Weekly (the other local weekly newspaper).
  • Neighborhood Connection on the Charlottesville.org website to learn more about the area neighborhoods.

tag-green Detailed spreadsheet complied by Brian Kent containing information about Charlottesville apartments, including distance from NRAO, typical lease periods, location, ratings (personal opinion) and a link to a google map of apartment locations.

The University of Virginia maintains an Off-Grounds Housing service in partnership with area realtors and property managers. This searchable listing includes roommate partnership opportunities. Register as a Guest to search the listings.

Monticello Avenue (a useful resource for all types of information about area) maintains a comprehensive list of area realtors and property managers.

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