From: Jill Rathborne
I just wanted to say, thanks so much for your talk this morning. It was excellent and conveyed exactly the information that I was hoping. I've used the portal since its release, but I learnt a lot from your presentation. Many people also said to me how great they thought it was too, so thanks again.
2011-05-09 - 08:45
From: "Fred K Y Lo" <>
Date: March 28, 2011 RE: CalTech Community Day Event - To everyone who is involved and to Aaron, Scott and Nuria in particular,

Great job!

2011-03-29 - 08:39
From: Carol Lonsdale
Date: March 28, 2011 Kartik has collated comments from the recent Caltech Community Day Event. We would like to forward below extremely complimentary remarks by Lee Armus of the Spitzer Science Center.

Thanks and congrats to Aaron Evans, Scott Schnee and Nuria Marcelino on this very successful event!

2011-03-29 - 08:40
From: Lee Armus, Spitzer Science Center
I was extremely impressed by the NAASC presentations. The speakers were well prepared, willing to answer all questions, and eager to help out during the hands-on sessions. I have been involved in many such sessions for Spitzer, and I have attended a number of the Herschel data workshops, and I would rank this week's ALMA workshop among the best that I have seen. It will only get better once more science verification data become available, and the Early Science results start appearing. My feeling is that there will still be a strong need for such workshops as we approach cycle-1, and these should not be discontinued after the Early Science period. Once people see the first results from ALMA, there will be a groundswell of excitement, but many people will still find interferometry challenging. This will be a critical period to get many non-experts involved and proposing for ALMA, many of whom might stay away from Early Science. This should be the ultimate goal of the NAASC - to nurture and enable great science with ALMA, especially by people who today would not consider themselves experts in mm interferometry. I was truly impressed by the work that Aaron, Scott and Nuria did this week at Caltech, and I believe this is a large step in the right direction. Keep up the good work !!
2011-03-29 - 08:41
From: "Fred K Y Lo" <>
Date: January 15, 2011 7:58:21 PM EST
Dear Colleagues,

Below is an email from Phil Puxley commending you on the excellent presentations you made (and help make) at the Townhall and ALMA Special Session.
Let me add my personal thanks to all of you as well for all the preparations and efforts that have gone into ensuring the very successful presentations at the AAS meeting
Best regards,
2011-01-25 - 10:33
From: "Puxley, Philip J" <<>>
Date: January 15, 2011 2:25:11 PM EST
To: "Fred K Y Lo" <<>>
Cc: Ethan J Schreier <<>>, Mark McKinnon <<>>
Subject: AAS presentations
Dear Fred
As I mentioned briefly to you and some of the presenters, I thought that the presentations at the NRAO Town Hall and the ALMA Special Session were excellent. Please convey my congratulations and appreciation to your staff for their hard work.
2011-01-25 - 10:28

From: Mark McKinnon <>
Date: January 24, 2011 6:27:25 PM EST
Carol & John,
At the ALMA Board meeting last Thursday night, Lewis Ball recognized NRAO for its clear and consistent message in spreading the word regarding plans for ALMA Early Science at the AAS and the Victoria workshop. He went on to say that our message did not overpromise. It’s great to see how your plans and activities have come together nicely (and in reality!) after Thijs’ announcement. Kudos to you and your team for a job well done.
2011-01-25 - 10:37
I have received a message from Ethan Schreier asking me to also pass on his thanks to all at the NAASC who helped make these events successful, noting "the good, consistent ALMA message portrayed at these meetings."
2011-01-27 - 10:23
From: Carol Lonsdale <>
Date: January 26, 2011 11:47:28 AM EST
To: naasc-cv <>,
Subject: kudos on the NAASC message & the meetings

Dear NAASCites,

At the weekly ALMA meeting yesterday afternoon Mark McKinnon began the meeting with an enthusiastic commentary on the success of the Seattle and Victoria events. In particular he commended NAASC on the manner in which we were able to amplify the JAO pre-announcement and follow-up immediately with our community events announcements, and our very successful January events. Phil Jewell and Fred Lo specifically added their own comments on the success of the events, and quoted compliments they had received from others, including Phil Puxley, Lewis Ball and Thijs de Graauw (some of which I have already relayed to the team).

Kudos and congratulations on this achievements are due to the entire team. I would especially like to acknowledge Crystal for her leadership of the USG: she initiated this group and led it to the NAASC's highly successful first splash in the community on the road to ES! I would also like to recognize Kartik's handling of the tutorial program and the success of the Community day program - 3 CDEs proposed so far and as many as 4 more expected! Tony is to be highly commended for his support of the AAS planning and the success of the Victoria meeting! And our Canadian team for their AAS support, the new Primer, admired project-wide, and the Victoria success!

I hope you all feel as proud of us as I do!

Thanks for your terrific efforts on behalf of NAASC, NRAO, NRC and ALMA.

2011-01-27 - 10:24


-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-01-25
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