Pencil Schedule: NAASC Support to Chile

The table below captured the NAASC effort to support CSV and data reduction in Chile, through March 2012. We have now transition to AoD support, and all trips to Chile are now collected across all three ARCs via the page at EIther JHibbard or KSheth can edit this document, so arrange your trips with them. The following page will contain further information on the logistics and rules for ARC staff travelling to Chile for the Astronomer-on-Duty roles.

For previous ARCinCSVrules for illustrations of turnos, as well as guidelines for ARC support that were used during CSV. Actual schedules will be set up with JAO. Schedules are kept on the following Google calendars: To review some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about heading to Chile, check out the following: NAASCTravelChileFAQ

Month Person Turno preference Notes
Aug 2009
Start 15Aug
Sep 2009
Oct 2009
Nov 2009
End 14Nov/Start 1Nov/Start 21Nov
Dec 2009
back to US Dec24-Jan11
Jan 2010
KSheth, A. Wootten (SciIPT)
8+20 8+20 ,
Feb 2010
KSheth, A. Wootten (SciIPT)
8+20, 8+20
Mar 2010
KSheth , A. Wootten (SciIPT)
8+20, 8+20
End Mar25, Mar 31
Apr 2010
Start 4Apr - End 24Apr / Start ~Apr20
May 2010
end mid-May
Jun 2010
(all hands: summ. school)
Jul 2010
Manuel Aravena, A. Wootten (SciIPT)
8+6+8, 8+6
July 7 - Aug 12 (in Chile till 18), Jul 7-19
Aug 2010
MA ended Aug12 (in chile till Aug16); AR starts Aug9
Sep 2010
Oct 2010
ARemijan/CBrogan & THunter/SCorder/A. Wootten (SciIPT) (EFomalont, but no turnos)
8+6+8/ 8+6+8 / 8+20/ 8+6+8
AR end Oct15. CB/TH travel Oct9 (for SciOpsRR Oct11-12), ret. Nov04. Al: 28Sept-25Oct (2 turnos + ASAC); Ed to Santiago ~Oct 25; available for turnos.
Nov 2010
Doug Johnstone. EFomalont available for turnos
8+6+8 / any
CB & TH ret Nov4. DJ: Nov 15-Dec8. EF available for OSF turnos
Dec 2010
EFomalont, SCorder
Jan 2011
EF till Jan 26
Feb 2011
SCorder, AWootten
8+6+20; 8+6+8
AW (to attend ASAC meeting in SCO): turno Feb 4-11, SCO Feb 12-17, turno Feb 18-25
Mar 2011
SCorder, KSheth
8+6+20; 8+6+8
KS Mar5-Apr15 (turno Mar 9-16)
Apr 2011
KS Mar5-Apr15 (turno Apr 4-11)
May 2011
SC needs to leave for US ~May 20 for AAS & NYC training events
Jun 2011
EFomalont; Nuria will overlap for last turno
[SC in CV] EF: Jun09-Jul1; NM start Jun23
Jul 2011
Nuria Marcelino
[TA pre-assessments last week] NM Jun23-Aug6
Aug 2011
KSheth (1 turno after ARP meetings)
[TA in SCO: Aug 1-5; SC to URSI Aug13-20] KS @OSF Aug19-26
Sep 2011
SCorder; EFomalont
Ed: Sept 23-Oct 27
Oct 2011
SCorder; EFomalont; CBrogan/THunter
SC unavailable Sept 28-Oct 10. Ed: Sept 23-Oct 27; CB/TH: OSF Oct 17-23; SCO Oct 24-Nov4;
Nov 2011
Nov 10- Dec 17 (P2G & Data reduction)
Dec 2011
KSheth; EFomalont; CLonsdale
KS: Nov10-Dec17 (P2G & Data reduction); EFomalont Dec6-Dec25 (Data reduction cookbook & QA2); Clonsdale Dec12-16 (Proposers Guide)
Jan 2012
EFomalont; JHibbard; MLacy & AKimball
EF: Jan22-25 OSF, then SCO (data reduction); JH: Jan22-25 OSF, then SCO (CIPT planning, SciOps); ML & AK: Jan26-Feb3 (SCO, data reduction)
Feb 2012
OSF ENGINEERING SHUTDOWN. EF: Data reduction in SCO; pan-ARC Data Reduction training in SCO?
Mar 2012
EFomalont; JHibbard
EF: Data reduction in SCO; Pipeline? JHibbard: Mar 5-7 SciOpsIPT-f2f SCO & Mar 7-9 OSF;
Apr 2012
Apr 22-27 Ph1M part of IT5;
>May 2012

The google calendars are embedded below. To add google calendar to your calendars, click on "+" button in the bottom right of the following:

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