Tracking and Supporting Visitors to NRAO


  • Does not ask the Visitor to use system
  • System that makes it easy for scientific staff (Host) to enter basic information about an upcoming visitor. A simple (Host) interface that asks for:
    • Full name of Visitor
    • Institution/Affiliation
    • email address
    • Date(s) of Visit - Range allowed
    • Needs a desk/office (with option to request specific office)
    • Primary reason for visit (drop-down: collaboration, DR visitor, colloquium, etc.)
    • Whether or not visitor needs desk (office # preference, if applicable)
    • Whether or not visitor needs CS support - ideally, would trigger an email to cv-helpdesk
    • Administrative staff assigned to ticket (drop down: JJ, Nicole, Lyndele)
    • Will need logistical support (hotel, travel, etc)
    • Not necessary to require all fields - fields are there only to collect info that the Host may have available at the time that the ticket is opened.

  • System should send an email to all admins when a 'visitor ticket' is opened.
    • Admin staff can sort out who should manage the ticket from that point forward (if not assigned by Host)
    • This option allows for back-up

  • Each record should include the following additional fields (Full User Interface)
    • Whatever minimum information that Joyce needs to run against Denial List
      • Location (Institution/City/Country)
    • Field for more detail about type of CS support needed (computer, server space, account, etc.)
    • Additional activities (drop-down: colloquium, talk, presentation, other)
    • Account code (drop-down list)
    • Lodging needed check-box:
      • Request Room Type - drop down menu (Residence Inn, Red Roof Inn, Cavalier Inn, etc.)
      • drop-down: Direct-billed, Visitor to pay
    • Office assigned (drop-down list)

  • Multiple people should be able to edit/add to each visitor record (hosts, admins, CS, Joyce)

  • Reports
    • Ability to view room availability before trying to book rooms for visitors.
    • Ability to create user-defined reports. Examples:
      • By date range AND Visitor Type (Data Reduction, Science collaborator, etc)
      • By date range AND Visitor Type AND Room Number
      • By date range AND Room Number
      • All should be selectable by Site:
      • How many data reduction visitors were at ER from Apr 1-July 31, 2012?
      • Which rooms were they in?

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2013-04-24

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