-- MarkLacy - 2010-09-07

Meeting minutes:


1) Splatalogue:

working to fix downloading issues

splat memo ~50% done

Continuing discussions to create an international spectral line "steering committee" for ALMA-related lab spectroscopy work. Proceeding carefully in the hope of bringing in JPL and Cologne groups. Would be separate from the internal NRAO spectral line working group, but possibly contain some overlap of membership. Aim to write a formal paper along the lines of the HiTRAN? paper.

Minutes of 6th August Splat meeting posted on Data Services wiki

2) Simdata -

USS has 4-5 ES examples for primer, mostly point sources. Remy and Dong-Chan will attend USS meeting this afternoon to finalize details. Dong Chan will help Remy with the simulations.

CASA code freeze is Sept 17th, need to get bug fixes in for that

3) Pipeline - report from User Test 6 nearly done

4) ACS installation - proceeding, Mike and/or Remy will try to get access to OSF machines to figure out software environment that is actually being run.

5) image cubes

Open discussion on software available for image cubes, and what we might need to do.

Casaviewer currently lacks key capabilities, though most are on the eventual development path (need to talk to Darrell (Schiebel?)) who is CASA viewer developer

Need to test/evaluate some existing software and come up with a plan (AI to ML for now):

Nearly software discussed is IDL, need to assess how easy it would be to translate to e.g. python? If translated, would this be part of mainstream CASA development, an add-on package to CASA or standalone?

6) Plone

ML attended Pat's plone demo, was focussed on scienceweb - clearly need an automated import unless only the top 2-3 layers are done as many thousands of web pages to incorporate.

Unclear if Plone is a good solution for NAASC documentation right now.

Recommended to continue using mediawiki for online documents that need to be written in next couple of months. Translation to plone/regular

html unlikely to be severely problematic, particularly if import solution for NRAO is identified. Twiki is right out based on user experiences of ML and KS.


1) Completed introductions

2) Helpdesk/UP/archive: Kelly completing registrations of testers for Integrated test, ML completing staff manual. Kelly to look into Kayako options for "self-alerting"

3) Simulations: Crystal and Al will meet with Remy to discuss ES use cases for primer, including simulations. Still unclear how "illustrative" versus scientifically driven the simulations should be.

4) JIRA for Data Services. Would probably be feasible to add NAASC/Data Services to NRAO JIRA implementation as a project. Sub-tasks would include aplatlogue. ML will contact James Robnett in Socorro who may be the person to talk to about this.

After the meeting Remy, David, Mike and I discussed obtaining a machine to run the ALMA common software (ACS). Mike will find out what he can about ACS from Brian Glendenning.


Introductions, aims of group discussed

Splatalogue: Robin and Tony working on improved documentation

Simdata: Need to convene offline meeting with Remy and Dong-Chan to discuss further simulations, particularly for ES. Jeff pointed out that ES may start with far fewer than 16 working antennas unless the schedule slips.

Pipeline: Mike confirmed that James Robnett is very happy with Lustre. ESO people may have been running old version of Redhat and were definitely running an older version of the Lustre file system which may have contributed to their problems.

Action items:

*ML - check cosmology assumptions for M51 simulations

*Dong-Chan - check noise level on M51 simulations and compare with ALMA exposure time calculator


Splatalogue Working Group Meeting (11AM) - Minutes
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