Pre-Data-Distribution Workflow for Cycle 0

This workflow is deprecated. Cycle 1 data availability was communicated from JAO to the local Data Reduction Manager. Cycle 2 data will follow the pipeline reduction procedure.

DRAFT Workflow for propagating information from the JAO for upcoming data distribution to members of the NAASC

General workflow

  • This procedure outlines the steps to be done from the moment the NAASC is notified about the next data delivery from the JAO, until the data are available at the NAASC. Once the data are available at the NAASC, the next steps in the process are outlined on the DataDeliveryWorkflow page. This has been created for Cycle 0, and will evolve as we progress through future cycles. Since this is early in development, it is highly manual. In the future, steps will inevitably be automated and streamlined. In the meantime, the data analysts will propagate the information on the status of data distribution to interested parties in the NAASC.



  1. ARC Manager forwards look-ahead to DAs, DH & Management team
    • This looks farther ahead then the data_delivery email sent previous to a formal delivery
    • At this point DAs add a Note (see details for the note here) to the project helpdesk ticket with these very rough timescales and ask the CS to verify also through a Note his/her availability over the relevant timescale (weeks-month), or to designate an alternate if necessary
    • If no note is added by the CS within a few days, DAs notify head of DSG (or designee), who will follow up with USG
  2. The JAO should regularly notify the data_delivery mailing list of the imminent data delivery (nominally sent on Friday, to update the upcoming week)
    • If the ARC manager has not notified the DAs with the look-ahead (and therefore no note has been added to the project ticket), the DAs should add this info as a note (again, see details for the note here)
    • If no follow-up Note is added by the CS within a few days, DAs notify head of DSG (or designee), who will follow up with USG
  3. An email detailing what to expect in the delivery, and estimation on its arrival (should be in line with that info in the note above) should be sent to NAASC management
    • Right now, that includes Al, Carol, Scott, and David
    • It is currently up to them to decide who should act as CS, should the designated CS be unavailable

Detailed Guidelines for leaving a note

  • Once notification is received, the data analyst should add a Note to the P2G helpdesk ticket (initiated by the Contact Scientist)
    • Make sure this is added as a Note (from the "Add Notes" tab), so it is not visible to the PI
    • This note should include an estimation for arrival of the whole data set (at worst down to a week granularity)
    • The note acts as official notification to the CS that the data are incoming
    • If the CS is out of town, management should designate who will cover the CS's responsibilities in his/her absence
    • Ticket found at the NAASC helpdesk:

-- AndyHale - 2012-01-19
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