ALMA Project General Study Reviews 2017

Review Date: Please return reviews by 15 July 2017

  • Charge: To produce a ranked list of proposals for the Cycle 5 Development General Study Program

  • *The Proposals*
Proposal Number Title PI Reviews
546 Proposal 546 TK Sridharan Enhancing Band 10 Aperture Efficiency: An Active Mirror Study T.K. Sridharan B10ApEff
547 Proposal 547 Merenyi Neuroscope: Neural Machine Intelligence Tools for Discovery and Interpretation in Complex ALMA Data Merenyi NeuroScope
548 Proposal 548 Berger A Rapid-Response Observation Program for ALMA Berger RapidObs
549 Proposal 549 Cordiner Total Power with the 12-m Array: Unlocking ALMA's Potential for Astrochemistry in Extended Sources Cordiner TpCross
550 Proposal 550 Oberg Applications of Matched Filtering for Improved Image Fidelity and Automated Line Identification Oberg MatchFilt
551 Proposal 551 Readhead Ultra-wideband Analog-to-Digital Converters for ALMA Readhead WbandConv
552 Proposal 552 Teuben Optimal Observing Strategies with ALMA when combining ALMA 12m, 7m & Total Power Array Data Teuben ComBin
553 Proposal 553 Groppi LAMAS (Large-Area Mapper for ALMA Study): Multi-beam Receivers for the ALMA Total Power Array Groppi MuBeam
518 Proposal 518 BhatnagarFull-Mueller Mosaic Imaging with ALMA Bhatnagar MosaicPol
528 Proposal 528 Ford ALMA Digital Back End Antenna Article Phase II Ford DbackEnd
526 Proposal 526 Ford Sumitomo Variable Speed Helium Compressor Analysis Ford CompressUp
537 Proposal 537 Saini Design Study to Extend the Band 2 receiver cartridge components for Band 2+ Saini B2Plus
541 Proposal 541 Ginsburg A suite of ALMA data analysis tools Ginsburg AnalysSuite
527 Proposal 527 Lacasse Risk Mitigation for the ALMA Correlator Upgrade (General) Lacasse CorrUpRisk
533 Proposal 533 Roshi Phased Array Feed vs Focal Plane Array for ALMA Frequency Bands Roshi PhasVsFocal

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