9h tracks at -73 and +17 (for two of my favorite objects, the SMC and M16). I think original C6 is the best.

General assessment is that in the original C3, A003 was doing most of the shadowing, so moving an antenna near it (to A002) doesn't help matters. i.e. 019 wasn't really causing problems. In fact in the modified config 002 gets shadowed a fair amount. the 39/45 pair does suffer some shadowing. left panels are all original configs, right panels are all with the 19>2. (If you don't see two columns of figures, then widen your browser window. Click a figure for a larger version.)

shadow ESc3.d-73.9h.png shadow ESc3b.d-73.9h.png

shadow ESc3.d17.9h.png shadow ESc3b.d17.9h.png

making the same swap 019->002 starting with C6 (which doesn't have 39/45), improves positive dec, degrades negative dec - again at -73 it was antenna 3 that was mostly shadowed in the original C6.

shadow ESc6.d17.9h.png shadow ESc6b.d17.9h.png

shadow ESc6.d-73.9h.png shadow ESc6b.d-73.9h.png
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