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Takes two (or three or four) lists of N pngs (or other single-page image types), and puts them side-by-side or one-above-the-other on an N-page pdf. See also buildPdfFromPngs and montageTwoPdfs.


au.montageTwoPngLists(pnglist1, pnglist2, pnglist3=None, pnglist4=None, pdfname='', 
       sidebyside=True, filter='', sourceFilter=[], maxpages=0, cleanup=True, filetype='png')
  • pnglist1/2/3/4: either a python list of filenames, or a single string containing a directory name and/or a template filename with wildcards (e.g. 'DV*.png')
  • pdfname: the name of the PDF to prodce
  • sidebyside: True (place them left/right), False (place the second above the first)
  • filter: remove all pngs that include this string in the name (e.g. 'DV10')
  • sourceFilter: only include pngs that contain one of the strings in this list Note: the sourceFilter option overrides the filter option
  • cleanup: parameter passed to buildPdfFromPngs



au.montageTwoPngLists('*24um*.png', '*_70um*.png', '*160um*.png', 
                      '*870um*.png', pdfname='sofia_sample.pdf', 

-- ToddHunter - 2013-11-07
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