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imfitplot Return to directory of Todd's CASA extensions Calls the casa task imfit, then uses imview to plot the data, the model, and the residual images on the s...
montagePngs Return to directory of Todd's CASA extensions Takes 2, 3 or 4 pngs, and puts them onto one page as a new png. See also montageTwoPngLists. Usage...
montageTwoPdfs Return to directory of Todd's CASA extensions Takes two PDFs of equal page length, converts each page to pngs, and places them side by side...
northalign Return to directory of Todd's tools Use the python montage wrapper to align a FITS image to north up. Usage: tt.northalign(fitsfile, outfile='') M...
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Documentation of tasks in analysisUtils (including some from analyzemscal and analyzemsimage) The analysisUtils python package provides numerous analysis utilitie...
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