Usage of mjdsecToTimerange

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Converts two value of MJD seconds into a UT date/time string suitable for the timerange argument in plotms. See also mjdsecToTimerangeComponent.


au.mjdsecToTimerange(mjdsec1, mjdsec2=None, decimalDigits=2, includeDate=True, use_metool=True, debug=False)
  • The MJD second values can be entered as two separated values, or as a single tuple to mjdsec1.
  • decimalDigits: how many digits to display after the decimal point
  • includeDate: True=include the YYYY/MM/DD in front of the UT time
  • use_metool: True=use casa tool to convert to UT, False: use formula in aU


CASA <6>: au.mjdsecToTimerange(4840000000,4841000000)
  Out[6]: '2012/04/01/12:26:40.00~2012/04/13/02:13:20.00'

CASA <7>: au.mjdsecToTimerange([4840000000,4841000000])
  Out[7]: '2012/04/01/12:26:40.00~2012/04/13/02:13:20.00'
-- ToddHunter - 2013-09-12
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