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Converts a value of MJD seconds into MJD, and into a UT date/time string. See also mjdToUT and mjdNanosecondsToMJDandUT.


au.mjdSecondsToMJDandUT(mjdsec, use_metool=True, debug=False, prec=6, delimiter='-')
  • Caveat: only works for a scalar input value
  • use_metool: default=True which will use the CASA me and qa tools. False: uses a built-in formula which agrees with the CASA result.
  • prec: default=6=show to nearest second; change to 7 to show tenths of seconds, etc.


CASA <16>: au.mjdSecondsToMJDandUT(4858815658.656)
  Out[16]: (56236.292345555557, '2012-11-05 07:00:59 UT')

-- ToddHunter - 2013-01-21

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