Minutes 20 October 2010

* The NAASC staff introduced themselves to Lyndele
* Hibbard read through AAER presentation from JAO Deputy Director Lewis Ball. Suggests that first CfP will be in late CY2011Q1, for a shorter (~9mo?) "soft open/best effort/shared risk" period, offering a single set of capabilities (as opposed to the two phase/tier approach that was also floated at the reviews).
* There will be a "ALMA Policies/implementations" video workshop Nov 4-5 6am-10am. JEH posted the anticipated topics and some preliminary documents to an internal wiki at https://staff.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/SciOpsPolicies. He hopes to have material to distribute to staff for comment before the review, although historically these materials are posted very late. NAASC staff are welcome to either send comments to JEH, or even to attend the video meeting. However, during the meeting non-muted discussion amongst ourselves should be kept to an absolute minimum.
* Carol discussed roles and responsibilities for NAASC staff. See attached file
* Carol discussed NAASC science/duty travel policies. See last two slides of Carol's presentation. Basically, we will follow NRAO rules for Science travel (i.e., organized & approved through OSAA), and at least for next year be very generous in our definition of what constitutes duty travel.
* Some concern was raised about being informed of activities that are lead from other groups but that impact you. JEH noted that this was addressed at the retreat, where it was decided that when group or task meeting minutes are posted, the link to the minutes should be sent the the entire NAASC, not just the group. And it was the responsibility of everyone to know the content of those minutes. Failing that, if you get such a request, go to your group head and ask them what's up b/c they should know.

-- CarolLonsdale - 2010-11-16
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