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Minutes 2010 Dec 15

News & Information

Distribution of information about NAASC - things that you should know when you visit others and/or talk about NAASC, also things that you should not say. Items in RED should not be shared with the community yet.


Additional Notes:

  • Advise readers to aim for 250m
  • If people ask, use 15km in equation on mousepad
  • Pay attention to pre-announcement; will use it to answer questions. As default, use pre-announcement, not personal opinion.
  • "plausible configuration"
  • Not guaranteed more than 16 antennas. Must be good science with 16 antennas.
  • ACTION: need to work on Sideband separations.
  • ACTION: need to understand Band 7 polarization issue for recommendation
  • Timeline: currently only one month - Aug 29-Sep 29
  • Encourage people to propose for Community Day
  • Emphasize that people will need to look at their data carefully - should plan to travel to an ARC to validate.

Main Topics (Carol & John H) - 25 minutes

  • Policies for giving ALMA talks
  • Knowledge you need to have for discussing ALMA and NAASC with community members
  • Top 5 things you should know about our post-doc searches (Scott)
    • Deadline is Jan 7th - at AAS will only be answering Qs
    • CV
    • Start as early as this spring
    • 50% NAASC / 50% research
    • 2+1

Highlights from Groups & Teams ~5 minutes each

  • Science & CSV (Ed, Stuartt)
  • Community Days:
    • Kartik listed proposed community events coming up. Scott will present at Hilo. Encourage your contacts to propose for Community Days.
  • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
  • EPO (John Stoke)
  • NRC (Gerald)
  • User Support Group (Crystal)
    • Primer is on USG wiki, Send comments to John; will go to Gerald on Monday
  • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
  • JAO Support Group (John H)
    • SciOps Change Request process (implications for ongoing working groups)
      • If you come up with changes, do not tell developers to make changes, send them first to John. If developers are at meeting, discuss with them, but the developer should not act without talking with John.
    • Logisitic info for SciOpsIPT f2f meeting in January?
      • recommended: Stay at Laurel Point or downtown.
    • IT3 participants: review bottom of test page wiki and let me know if you are participating (those with "?") or will not participate (those w/o "?")
      • If you cannot participate, let John know.
  • Top 6 things to know about the NAASC postdoc position
    • Deadline is Jan 7th (so talk to potential applicants ASAP!)
    • Based in Charlottesville
    • Can begin as early as Spring 2011
    • Appointment for 2+1 years
    • 50% independent research, 50% ALMA service
    • Contact Scott Schnee (sschnee@nraon.edu) to arrange a meeting at AAS or ask additional questions


CV-NAASC WBS Effort Distribution

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