Splatalogue Working Group Meeting Minutes (11AM) - 2010-08-06

Original Topics for Discussion:
  • Offline verison of Splatalogue for the OT and CASA
  • New interface to Splatalogue

Meeting Discussion Notes: (Action Items in RED)

  • Discussion from Offline Verison of Splatalogue:
    • What lines need to be included in the offline version?
      • Remijan suggests a LOVAS type list (i.e. a list of current detected species in space that is continiously updated). Would flag recommended frequencies and appropriate transitions that have been detected in space. This could be carried over to the offline version to the OT (and CASA)
      • The discussion led to a decision that the OT (which only wanted ~15000 lines) would have one version to be used "OFFLINE" and CASA would have a much more comprehensive version.
        • ACTION ITEM: Remijan would provide the OT with a "Lovas type" list of all detected transitions and all RRLs.
          • COMPLETED: 8/16/2010
        • ACTION ITEM: Remijan would work with the programmer to edit the existing Splatalogue homepage so a dump can be made of relevant transitions.
          • COMPLETED: This work is ongoing and progress is captured in JIRA ticket CAS-900 and at https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/CASA_Offline_Splat_list
          • This was suggested so that the user could define their own version. That is, the user could set parameters from the website (Splatalogue) and dump the information (frequenices, etc.) and turn into their own private table that can be used in CASA.
        • ACTION ITEM: Write a description that describes the offline OT/CASA (i.e. what the list is).

  • User interface
    • Changing the current front page user interface. Remijan described the new intended front page interface using Guided search, Advanced search, and Power search tabs. The guided and power searches would be developed over the next year whereas the advanced search would be much more in line with what is currently off the Splatalogue homepage.
    • The discussion led to the decision to keep the current version of the website but making sure all links are active, that the proper references are cited off the main page and in appropriate pages off the main page and (if possible) to develop a "blocked list" of most popular molecules that can easily be searched on. Something that resembles a "periodic table of molecules.)
      • ACTION ITEM: Remijan and Pulliam will ensure all the links of the main page of Splatalogue are live and contain the relevant information.
        • COMPLETED: 8/20/2010
      • ACTION ITEM: Remijan will work with the programmer and make additional options where only one frequency is displayed and that frequency will be the recommended rest frequency for that transition.
        • COMPLETED: 8/20/2010 - Work continues on the exporting options. Should be fully compliant by 8/29/2010.
      • ACTION ITEM: Remijan will work with the programmer to make a "most popular molecule" page.
        • PENDING

  • Summary (or final) thoughts:
    • Splatalogue does not need to be submitted for the readiness review.
    • Simple documentation for the existing page needs to be updated by the readiness review (next 6-8 weeks): COMPLETED - See notes above.
    • References for catalogs placed in Splatalogue: COMPLETED - See notes above
    • Page on how quantum numbers are resolved: COMPLETED - See notes above
    • Description of how often we update the data in the database? PENDING
    • Fix the other broken links: COMPLETED - See notes above.
    • Currently, the new design is off the table for now until everything is done. PENDING

  • Additional topics: JPL and Cologne MOU signature was discussed
    • Ignore for now.
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