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Mask a channel or range of channels in a CASA image cube. If it is a mask created by tclean, the effect is to not allow cleaning in the specified channels. See also propagateMaskToAllChannels and flattenMask.


au.maskChannel(img, channel)
  • channel: integer or integer list or comma-delimited string, or a twiddle delimited range; or semicolon-delimited lists thereof i.e. 4 [4,5,6] '4,5,6' '4~6' '4~6;8~10;15'


CASA <10>: au.maskChannel('uid___A001_X145_X136.s30_0.SPT0346-52_sci.spw23.cube.I.iter1.mask', '5~7;10;12~13')
Masking channel  5
Masking channel  6
Masking channel  7
Masking channel  10
Masking channel  12
Masking channel  13

-- ToddHunter - 2016-05-11
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