ANASAC meeting on March 5, 9-11am ET. The primary goal is to provide NA perspectives for the NA ASAC members ahead of the ASAC meeting (occurring virtually 10-12 March) and to get a general update on the status of ALMA.

The ASAC presentation topics are driven by the ASAC charges (there are no ad hoc charges this time around).

At our ANASAC telecon, we will focus on upcoming ASAC presentations.

* Obsmode_EOC.pdf-- update on the status of ALMA Extension of Capabilities

* *PublicationStats_March10_ASAC_v4.pdf*-- response to previous ASAC charge to refine what plots and information should be used for publication statistics, and current statistics

* *NAdev_ASAC_March2021.pdf *-- Update on the NA development program See NADevelopmentProgram

* *ALMA_conference.pdf*-- Planning for next pan-ALMA science conference

You may also be interested in the EA and EU Development updates but these will not be discussed unless someone has a question -- AlWootten - 2021-02-28
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