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Extracts the mean azimuth and elevation for the specified 'scan' in the specified ms. This function uses msmd (or ValueMapping if casa < 4.1.0).


au.listazel(vis, scan=None, antenna='0', vm=0)
  • vis: measurement set
  • scan: can be a single scan or a list, as in [1,2,3], or in '1,2,3'. If not specified, then it uses all scans and computes a time-based average. If a list is specified, then it computes a scan-based average, so scans of different durations count equally.
  • antenna: either the antenna number or its name.


CASA <4>: au.listazel('',1)
Scan 1 (field=[0]): azim = 87.36,  elev = 41.31  (degrees)
  Out[4]: [87.361383589690448, 41.310493401884415]
CASA <2>: au.listazel('',[1,2],antenna='DA41')
Scan 1,2 (field=0): azim = 87.25,  elev = 41.56  (degrees)
  Out[2]: [87.246279942736081, 41.556433274098161]

-- ToddHunter - 2014-08-04
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