Learning Center Outline

  • ERA

  • Advanced Physics Modules
    • Atomic structure and transitions
    • Dust & very small grains
      • Alignment of grains to generate polarized emission
    • Molecules
      • Non-LTE excitation (some by JeffMangum)
      • Masers
      • RRLs
    • Astrochemistry
    • Inverse K correction

  • Observing Techniques
    • Single-dish observing techniques (JeffMangum)
      • Relationship between flux and brightness temperature (JeffMangum)
      • Temperate scales and telescope efficiencies (JeffMangum)
    • Interferometric observing techniques
    • Calibration

  • Reference Material
    • How to deal with detected polarized emission
    • Velocity reference frames and position reference frames

  • Recipes for Grad Courses

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