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Jets 2012 SOC Meeting August 11, 2011 1pm ET

1. Scientific sessions: we have a rough list of sessions and now we need to think a little more about their content and format. Because of the very broad coverage, it is hard to cover each subject in great details, but I am sure we'd like to touch key aspects in the sessions. Each session is up to 3.5 long, and we can have two invited (30+10) talks and up to 4-5 (15+5) contributed talks plus a 30 min coffee break. That is with about a total of 12 invited talks (in addition to the intro invited talks) we would like to cover the key aspects of the various systems in both theory and observations.

2. Panel discussions: we could have a panel discussion at the end of each day (e.g. 5:10 pm-6:00 pm) or at early evenings. It depends on how/when we'd like to hold our panel/discussion sessions. We would like to discuss a little rough format of the sessions and their panel members/moderators.

3. Poster sessions: the LOC has proposed two early evenings of poster viewing sessions replacing our standard banquet. If we prefer this suggestion, we'd need to arrange the panel/discussions at the end of day, and longer one in the mid-afternoon of the 4th day. Otherwise, we'd need to come up with alternative plans.

4. The invited speakers: we have gotten a fair list of names that we can choose from, and have more good speakers than we can have slots for. So I'd like to suggest we prioritize the topics, especially the standard topics (averaged over time) and ``hot topics" that are timely. We could perhaps also give higher priority to topics that are better for our synergy programs for those featured telescopes in our invited talks, and leave the rest for our contributed talks. Another way of course is to go for one more invited talk in each session but that would reduce the number of contributed talks--I am not sure if we want that. These are for our discussion.

5. Current list of speakers, subjects, and rough plan of the sessions on our google document:


I will continue to work on a few more names and area that I have not had time to dig out. So this document will evolve.

6. LOC matters: the LOC will discuss the current status and projected schedule etc.
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