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Computes the theoretical Jy/K for an ALMA single dish image based on its measured beamsize. See also kelvinPerJansky.


au.janskyPerKelvin(frequency, beamsize=None, diameter=12, obscuration=0.75, 
         surfaceRms=25, fwhmfactor=None)
  • frequency: GHz
  • beamsize: arcsec, if not specified, then the theoretical beam will be used (using primaryBeamArcsec)
  • diameter: m
  • obscuration: m
  • surfaceRms: micron
  • fwhmfactor: value to pass to primaryBeamArcsec (only used if beamsize = None)


CASA <8>: au.janskyPerKelvin(100)
efficiency =  0.712136635021
  Out[8]: 34.284704275567975

-- ToddHunter - 2014-06-19
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