JAO Support Group Meeting, Thursday Feb 10, 2011, 2:30-3:00 ET (1930-2000UT)

Meeting Logisics

  • Time: 14:30 - 15:00 ET = 19:30 - 20:00 UT
  • Location: CV-ER331
  • Video Hub:
  • Domestic Call In: 434-293-7109
  • Int'l Call In: 434-293-6691

Open Action Items

  1. Action on CSV Liaisons (Stuartt, Ed): Make list of "top 20" issues to know about when traveling for CSV
  2. Action on JH: Write up plan for evolution of Tiger Team effort to as follows: Tiger Team -> reduction of test datasets -> reduction scripts for SV data -> Staff training on SV data -> SV guides for users -> evaluate pipeline performance on SV data -> pipeline hueristics


  • Attendees: JH, TH, NM, AW, SC. Apologies: HL, CB
  • Meeting time: This meeting was moved to the current time in order to be adjacent to the AlmaTiger Team meeting that used to be at 3pm ET. That meeting has now been moved to 11am ET (currently 1600UT). Do we wish to move this meeting to either before or after that? Yes, will move to 1030ET just before AlmaTiger
  • Minutes from last weeks meeting are posted at https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/JAOsupportMinutes2010Jan13
  • Reports from Chile (Al or Stuartt)
    • A gossamer fog at the AOS last night:
      AOS 10feb 2011.jpg
  • Pencil schedule for CSV support: NAASC2Chile
    • Any candidates for June-July-Aug? Need to wait till Ed is back. Al after TA in July; Nuria possibly July, if overlap identified. SC possibly Nov if needed.
  • Integrated Test 3:
    • Part 1 went ok. 90 proposals submitted. 26% from NA (not bad considering all the other activities we were doing at the same time). Load test failed - will be repeated Feb 14 1200UT. Who can participate?
    • Part 2 assessments due tomorrow at 2000UT (3pm ET)
    • JH was supposed to go to Santiago for Part 3 of IT3 (panel meetings); waited too long to book so SC is taking up the slack for the mock-ARP meetings. Unable to attend mock-APRC. Does Al want to attend? (Not necessary).
    • Various emails flying around about Technical Assessment. We agreed at summary meeting last Friday that people should include their comments in their test reports and/or send them to Todd & Harvey to collate and submit to TA Working Group. Free-formed emails w/o consensus are not very useful (especially with RK). I have been ignoring these by and large. Do I need to do something more?
    • SciOpsIPT feels it is too late for suggestion to have OT output jpg or pdf of screenshot for CfP0. Will put in as future request
  • Various f2f meeting in Jan: JH gave summary presentation to all NAASC at last wednesdays group meeting. Posted at NaascMinutes2011Feb02
  • SciOpsIPT issues:
    • Question from CIPT Planning meeting: do ARCs need remote access to TelCal. We think not. To ACS? This is needed to run the OT simulator. Should be available at any local STEs. There is an STE at NTC, but w/old version of s/w. If and when we decide we need this, will have to find out who else uses this and coordinate any s/w upgrades. For now we can use STEs in Chile (though these might get restricted in the future)
    • change requests for OT based on results from "Observing with ALMA" workshop end of Jan. JH needs to formulate these into requests. Three issues:
      • Text field in OT at project level (already exists at SB level)
      • Sensitivity options for line/continuum
      • Checkbox to indicate if requested time not based on sensitivity
      • Related from IT3: Save screenshots of spatial imager & spectral visualizer (not for CfP0)
    • CfP WG telecon tomorrow. Carol & Aaron are on this.
    • Next f2f meeting: Garching, March 9-11.
    • SciOpsPoliciesWGs:
      • Proposal Review Implementation: being updated by Gautier Mathys (PHT lead)
      • PhaseII Procedures: updated draft due from MR next week
      • Archive/Science Portal: JH/CL/ML need to draft new SP "look & feel" description and float by SciOpsIPT, then hand off to JAO
      • Helpdesk: staff guide & admin manual due to JAO
      • Technical Assessments: probably refined based on IT3
  • User tutorials: USG maintains a google spreadsheet for NAASC staff to express interest in supporting tutorials at various locations at CommunityEventsDays.
    • HL, TH, CB, AW will do Sante Fe in March
    • JH & SC will do NYC, Boston AAS (May). JH may also do STScI (April)
    • TH also down for CfA in April
    • NM is down just for CV based events. Should tag along on some University-based events for exposure.
  • First cut at a Chile travel FAQ posted to https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/NAASCTravelChileFAQ. I have asked Lyndele to work with a number of you (Kartik, Tony, Stuartt, Todd, Al, Ed, Nuria) to refine.

Additional Marterial:

-- JohnHibbard - 2011-02-10
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