JAO Support Group Meeting, Thursday Apr 14, 2011, 10:30-11:00 ET (1430-1500UT)

Meeting Logisics

  • Time: 10:30 - 11:00 ET = 1430 - 1500 UT
  • Todays location: CV-ERxxx
  • 2nd Thursdays Location:
    • Room: CV-ER331
    • Video Hub:
    • Domestic Call In: 434-293-7109
    • Int'l Call In: 434-293-6691
  • 4th Thursdays Location:
    • Room: CV-ER209
    • Video Hub:
    • Toll-free: 866 560 2652
    • Toll: 517 308 7468
    • Passcode: 2652628

Open Action Items

  1. Action on Tiger Team: Write up use cases for ARCs needing local access to Telcal and OSS and send to CIPT
  2. Action on CSV Liaisons (Stuartt, Ed): Make list of "top 20" issues to know about when traveling for CSV
  3. Action on JH: Write up plan for evolution of Tiger Team effort to as follows: Tiger Team -> reduction of test datasets -> reduction scripts for SV data -> Staff training on SV data -> SV guides for users -> evaluate pipeline performance on SV data -> pipeline hueristics


  • Attendees:
  • Minutes from last weeks meeting are posted at https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/JAOsupportMinutes2011Mar31
  • Reports from Chile (Stuartt or Kartik)
  • Pencil schedule for CSV support: NAASC2Chile
  • Any updates on Calibration tool & calibrator database? SciOps (BVV, LN) say they will identify Ops staff who will become calibration "experts", to take some of the workload off of Stuartt, and for Ed to work with when he goes down in June.
  • Lack of expertise on Ops staff in Chile (email from Fred circulated last night)
  • SciOpsIPT issues:
    • SciOpsPoliciesWGs: Waiting for final copies of PRP, Ph2 (JH needs to edit the latter). Helpdesk needs updated for JIRA process. Archive/SP done.
    • New version of TA Guidelines posted to wiki: (v1.6, Mar 29, 2011).
    • Next f2f meeting: Santiago, July 18-22 (during TA workshop & pan-ARC/JAO love-fest). See "Additional Material" below
  • If time: I should say something about BVV's proposal for getting UV coverage (but he needs to rewrite and present as formal request) => This will become its own FBT. NA participants: Al, Ed, Harvey, Crystal, Me (but limited to 4).
    • Main charge: suggested modifications for how OT calculates estimated time, and whether additional/different inputs from users are needed, e.g. if checkbox for "time not from sensitivity calculator" should be changed (entry field for user-specified time?); how to specify which spectral setup should be used for the calculation (recalling that Cycle1 allows mixed correlator modes); polarization; etc.
  • User tutorials: USG maintains a google spreadsheet for NAASC staff to express interest in supporting tutorials at various locations at CommunityEventsDays.
    • JH will do STScI (April 18). TH will do CfA (April 20)
    • JH & SC will do NYC, Boston AAS (May).
    • NM will do CV-based events (Apr 26-27, May 9-10)
  • Chile travel FAQ posted to https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/NAASCTravelChileFAQ. I have asked Lyndele to work with a number of you (Kartik, Tony, Stuartt, Todd, Al, Ed, Nuria) to refine. Is this a good enough start? Can I remove this item?
  • Integrated Test 3: Test over. I will post final reports if/when the become available

Additional Material:

Format for July TA Workshop/pan-ARC/JAO "love fest"

At the March SciOpsIPT f2f meeting, we discussed the proposed TA Workshop & pan-ARC/JAO "love fest" to be held in Santiago during the week of July18-22. The structure for this needs to be better defined, so I would like to get some feedback from this group.

The baseline for the Cycle 0 TA is this:
  • Anticipate 20 TAs: 4 each from EA, EU, 6 from NA, 6 from JAO. (maybe we could stir up ~25 total)
    • [previously identified NA TAs: AW, HL, TH, CB, SC, JdF]
  • Anticipate 400 proposals => 20 proposals per TA (ASAC guesses this number will be MUCH higher)
  • Proposals assigned by Proposal Handling Team (PHT). These are assigned randomly, subject to Conflict of Interest rules.
  • Week before: All TAs are told to read all of their proposals, identify ones they have questions about, and fill out draft TA reports in the Ph1M (maybe have TAs send list of the "problem" projects to organizers)
  • All TAs travel to Santiago for a TA workshop prior to reviews (~3? days during week of July 18-22)

There were two suggested formats for the TA Workshop
  1. Round-table with all participants all the time, going through all non-trivial TAs (must be strongly moderated so group does not get stuck for too long on individual issues). Last day left open for TAs to finalize reports before leaving, so they can ask questions
  2. Intersperse moderated ~1.5hr round-table meetings to discuss "problematic" proposals with ~2hr time periods where TAs finalize their proposals based on what they have learned from earlier discussions. TAs are encouraged to discuss any questions with others at the meeting - either people in the TA group, or JAO/CSV people not taking part in the workshop but who might set up "office hours" during some of this week.

Each day would include ~1-2hr non-TA ARC/JAO activity (present science interests, discuss other pan-JAO/ARC operations issues), and a social event at night.

After the workshop, two things would need to happen:
  1. All "unfeasible" rulings need to be reviewed to make sure these are truly unfeasible (should this happen before TAs leave Santiago?)
  2. All reports will be reviewed by PHT to make sure that inappropriate comments are not made

-- JohnHibbard - 2011-04-01
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