JAO Support Group Meeting

2010 Nov 01, 2:30-3:30pm ET

Attendees: JH, HL, AW, Nuria Marcelino, Tony Remijan, EF (phone from CSV support in Santiago)
Regrets: TH (traveling), SC (Chile Holiday)

Introduction of new postdoc, Nuria Marcelino (Madrid)

  • For Nuria's benefit, we reviewed scope of JSG, as outlined on JAOSupportGroup wiki. This turned into discussion of who owns pipeline activity. We believe Data Services should be responsible for pipeline installment & operations, and that this group (JSG) is responsible for scientific performance of pipeline and development/evaluation of heuristics (more below under Tiger Team report). Need to take this to larger group (Wednesday meeting?)

New meeting time.

  • I'd like to move this to be adjacent to the Tiger Team meeting, so that people in Chile don't have to come in twice (all but one of us is on Tiger Team). Al will be moving Tiger Team meetings to every other Thursday from 3-3:30 ET. We will move this meeting to meet just before that - 2:30-3:00 ET. Cadence TBC with Al.

Report on CSV Liaison (Ed)

  • Current NA CSV turnos (see NAASC2Chile):
    • Stuartt: Joined NAASC Started as CSV Liaison, taking over from Tony. Will provide 7mo CSV support through end CY2011. Will be visiting NAASC next week.
    • Crystal & Todd: in Chile Oct9-Nov5
    • Doug Johnstone: Nov 24-Dec9
    • Ed Fomalont: in Chile Oct24-Jan14. Currently on schedule for two turnos (Nov 12-19; Dec 29-Jan5); will try to get more. Postmeeting: Added one Nov 29-Dec 06
  • Ed reported (re)discovering 38deg rotation for amplitude calibration for some antennas B7. Was known (see additional items at end of agenda). Discussed how to get this information conveyed to people going down for CSV support. While it would be great if JAO CSV team did this, we don't expect this to happen, so we will assign it to our CSV Liaisons (Stuartt & Ed): AI: CSV Liaisons (Stuartt, Ed) make list of "top 20" issues to know about when traveling for CSV
  • Tony forwarded Alison's schedule for December. See end of minutes

Integrated Testing (John)

  • Next one (IT3) is tentatively planned for December/January.
    • December: testers submit 1-2 proposals with real technical justification. No trivial proposals.
    • January: testers perform Technical Assessment on 3-4 proposals, following guidelines that are being developed
  • DSO needs to use Science Verification projects to conduct true "end-to-end" tests of system. Expect this to start ~January.

Report on OT (Harvey)

Report on Tiger Team (Al)

  • Current Tiger Team effort is concentrated simply on getting CSV data in house
  • Tiger Team effort needs to evolve - reduction of test datasets -> reduction scripts for SV data -> Staff training on SV data -> SV guides for users -> evaluate pipeline performance on SV data -> pipeline hueristics. JH needs to write up this plan. AI: JH write up above plan
  • JAO is restricting access to OSF STEs. AI: JH to find out what STEs are available in Charlottesville


Description of Band7 rotation issues, from R. Hills description on JIRA ticket CSV-481:

Subject: [JIRA] Created: (CSV-481) Band 7 polarization orientation needs to be recorded 
         in the system and written to ASDM's
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 20:53:36 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
From: Richard Hills (JIRA) <bugs@alma.cl>
To: aremijan@nrao.edu

Band 7 polarization orientation needs to be recorded in the system and written to ASDM's

Key: CSV-481
URL: http://jira.alma.cl/browse/CSV-481
Project: Commissioning and Science Verification
Issue Type: Task
Components: SW_TESTING
Reporter: Richard Hills
Assignee: Alison Peck

The Band 7 cartridges come in two different flavours.  

The "pre-production" design has the planes of polarization nominally parallel to the 
Elevation and Cross-elevation axes.  (I don't know which of Pol0 and Pol1 is in which 

The final "production" design has the plane of polarization rotated by 37.5 degrees.

We need to have this information in the software system so that it can be written out 
with the data and used in the data analysis.

JAO CSV schedule for December 2010:

Hi All,

Here is the December schedule.  I have managed to accommodate  
everyone's travel requests for the holidays, but these restrictions  
may make it very difficult to change anything around later, so if you  
see any problems, let me know now!



Doug Johnstone  --  Dec 1-8
Rainer Mauersberger  -- Dec 1-8
Antonio Hales      -- Dec 3-10
Stephane Leon   --  Dec 3-10
Daniel Fulla         -- Dec 6-13
Olja Panic            -- Dec 6-13, Dec 20-24 (depart morning)
Liz Humphreys    -- Dec 8-15
Robert Lucas       -- Dec 8-15
Stuartt Corder      -- Dec 8-15
Mark Rawlings    -- Dec 10-17
Tommy Wiklind    -- Dec 10-17
Aya Higuchi         -- Dec 13-20
Takeshi Kamazaki -- Dec 13-20
Denis Barkats      -- Dec 13-20
Eric Villard           -- Dec 15-22
Gianni Marconi   -- Dec 15-22
Juan Cortes         -- Dec 17-23
Jeff Wagg             -- Dec 17-24 (depart morning)
Satoki Matsushita -- Dec 17-24 (depart morning)
Alison Peck         --  Dec 20-24 (depart morning)
Tsuyoshi Sawada  -- Dec 27-Jan 3
Diah Gunawan  -- Dec 27-Jan 3
Kengo Tachihara  -- Dec 27-Jan 3
Tim van Kampen  -- Dec 27-Jan 3
Shinya Komugi     -- Dec 29-Jan 5
Ed Fomalont         -- Dec 29-Jan 5

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-11-03
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