JAO Support Group Meeting, Thursday Dec 9, 2010, 2:30-3:00 ET (1830-1900UT)

Meeting Logisics

  • Time: 14:30 - 15:00 ET = 18:30 - 19:00 UT
  • Location: CV-ER331
  • Video Hub:
  • Domestic Call In: 434-293-7109
  • Int'l Call In: 434-293-6691

Open Action Items

  1. Action on CSV Liaisons (Stuartt, Ed): Make list of "top 20" issues to know about when traveling for CSV
  2. Action on JH: Write up plan for evolution of Tiger Team effort to as follows: Tiger Team -> reduction of test datasets -> reduction scripts for SV data -> Staff training on SV data -> SV guides for users -> evaluate pipeline performance on SV data -> pipeline hueristics


  • Attendees: JH, HL, NM, AW, AR
  • Minutes from last weeks meeting are posted at https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/JAOsupportMinutes2010Dec02
  • Reports from Chile (Ed or Stuartt): There was a CSV meeting rescheduled from yesterday, so Ed and Stuartt were unable to attend this meeting
  • Outstanding Action Items (top-ten issues for CSV)
  • First cut at a Chile travel FAQ posted to https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/NAASCTravelChileFAQ. I have asked Lyndele to work with a number of you (Kartik, Tony, Stuartt, Todd, Al, Ed => Added Nuria) to refine. First needs clarity on format, then content.
  • re-vamped group for OT development changes will be reconstituted by A. Biggs
  • JAO has accepted change request process (see spreadsheet attached to last weeks minutes at https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/JAOsupportMinutes2010Dec02)
  • IT3:
    • ANASAC member that will participate: R. Osten, A. Bollota
    • SciOpsIPT put off discussion what will take place during Ph2 until next week. Note phrasing of Ph2 in ALMA "pre-announcement" that was circulated yesterday.
  • Any further discussion desired on the "What is a baseband" issue? No.
  • Decided we fully agreed with Todd's suggested changes to the resolution to be reported in the table in the Primer
  • Note: no Tiger Team meeting today. Updates from Al:
    • ALMA ES configuration: Frederic misunderstood request; thought he was supposed to maximize long baselines for a 250m configuration. Will redo with more short spacings.
    • solved issue of maintaining two wikis for the task (one external, one internal): will keep the external wiki, delete the internal wiki, and password protect the director on /prak. Jeff Mangum is in charge of this. Will also create a subdirectory on /prak for results of peoples processing, so that others can compare their own results.
    • Next meeting won't be till Jan 6

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-12-09
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