JAO Support Group Meeting

2010 August 23, 2-2:45pm ET

Attendees: JH, TH, HL, AW (phone from Boston meeting), Tony Remijan (phone from CSV support in Santiago)
Regrets: EF (traveling)

Report from Harvey's trip to OT Developers Meeting in Edinburgh

OT is planning a "public preview" version at the end of October. Harvey provided the developers with a document on various astronomy definitions. They will try to put as much of this in the release as they can. We discussed whether it was worth putting this in as a NAASC memo. Harvey also rewrote the template library, tailoring it to early science (B3, 6, 7, 9 w/ES correlator modes). OT cookbook is out of date, but in-line help has been updated. Not sure if EU will submit an improved cookbook as part of OpsRR documents. (EA has produced an OT "quickstart", but needs screen shots updated and converted to English).

Harvey had an action to produce a plan for improving the Technical Assessment form, but Alan doesn't see the point of making any changes until there is a real test of the TA process (evaluating proposals with real science goals and requested resources). So we are changing this action to an action on me to have the SciOpsIPT set up real TA test. This should happen after the next integrated test, maybe as part of the third integrated test (Dec-Jan).

JH noted from a recent USG meeting that a goal of the ALMA Primer update is to produce examples of five early science use-cases. However, Primer will not include OT "recipies" for these. Still, we would like people involved in these cases to use upcoming OT test to develop "OTguides" (patterned after CASAguides) for each of these (see last two items from https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/USG2010Aug10AgendawithMinutes). JH will include this reminder when he emails everyone at start of integrated test.

Other Reports

  • Everything looks to be on track for the integrated test that starts Wednesday
  • Tony gave a report from the OSF.
  • Manuel Aravena is back from a 6 week trip of turnos (taking JM's place). He enjoyed it there, and will join our group and the CSV Tiger Team.
  • Ed Fomalont is interested in going down to OSF before his scheduled turno that starts in Dec. Alison has encouraged this. Ed is interested in working on Calibrator data base issues, Calibration observing and application techniques and/or testing and understanding the WVR corrections.
  • Tiger team is progressing. Datasets and reduction notes posted to https://staff.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/AlmaTiger (internal to NRAO). Ed recently reduced and made notes on the OMB-1 dataset. John is working with CIS to get computers to help with this effort.
  • We will continue weekly meetings (hopefully <30min) so we can track any issues that come up during integrated test.

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-08-23
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