Attendees: JH, TH
Regrets: SC (traveling to OSF), AW (vacation), EF (traveling), HL (OT developers meeting)

Report from Ed Fomalont (via email)

I've touched base with Anita Richards and Itziar DeGregorio about reductions, imaging and data. I received the 4-telescope 3C273, 3C274 data from Anita and started processing it. Found a few new bugs in the recent casapy that was not in the stable version. Nothing serious, and one is already fixed. Alison will give me permission to get into the Chile Jira in order to make comments about projects.

I think that going to Chile to overlap Crystal and Todd in mid November might be better than December 1. It's okay with me.

[JH comment: Ed - Lets talk about the overlap proposal before you book it - Alison was very worried about overlapping multiple ARC people, due to space restrictions at the OSF. Do you think you might want a quick trip to overlap with Tony (<Oct16?).]

Report from John:

Todd and I met briefly to discuss correlator modes in the OT - the printed summary may not be reporting back the number of stokes, or I may not be understanding something. I will forward the relevant email to this group shortly.

Plans for the integrated test seem to be on track. Alison is concerned that ARC astronomers in Chile are being included when they are nominally scheduled to be doing OSF support. This appears to be mainly an issue for EU, since we recently decided that Tony should not be an official NA tester, so he can concentrate on OSF duties and splatalogue improvements/documentation. But it does mean that someone here will need to participate in the Project Tracker part of the test. That will probably be me.

Hopefully more of us will be around next Monday and we can have a proper meeting. I will post this email as a summary of Today's.

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-08-16
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