JAO Support Group Meeting - Aug 03, 2:30-3:30 ET CV-ER331


  • Task assignments & priorities (see document distributed at last Wednesdays' group meeting)
  • Group Meeting Cadence
  • Meeting lead: J. Hibbard,
  • Invitees: H. Liszt, E. Fomalont, T. Hunter, S. Corder


  • Attendees: J. Hibbard, H. Liszt, E. Fomalont, T. Hunter.
  • Apologies: S. Corder (flu)
  1. We went through the task list, and priorities through the end of the year.
    • Integrated Testing (J. Hibbard): Aug 24- Sept 22. All group members are available to participate in this test
    • CSV Liaisons (Ed, Stuartt): Ed will take over from Kartik, with his first trip scheduled for Dec-Jan. Tony Remijan will finish out his last trip (Aug 9 - Oct 16).
    • CASA subsystem scientist (C. Brogan/T. Hunter): Todd will become more and more involved in CASA, using his participation in the CSV Tiger Team as a means of immersion. In ~4mo we will evaluate whether it makes sense for him to become more involved in e.g the CASA Cabal (which has a new name now that escapes me)
    • OT & Ph1M cognizant lead (H. Liszt): Harvey will continue as he has been. He has a trip to Scotland next week to meet with the developers.
    • Project Tracker (S. Corder): this is mainly a tool used by the JAO, so it makes sense for Stuartt to take on this role.
    • Pipeline: no real activity yet, but this will be a growth-area for this group. CSV Tiger Team is the logical first step towards learning more about pipeline heuristics. I note that Remy is helping Lindsay arrange a f2f meeting of the pipeline team.
    • Proposal Review Support (H. Liszt). This includes input for the CfP (which John & Al will help with), panel support in Chile (which it makes sense for Stuartt and any deployed CSV Liaisons to help with), Technical Assessments and any other support to the JAO "Proposal Handling Team" (PHT). The PHT lead is currently being recruited by the JAO. We will likely need to evaluate Proposal Review policies, if and when the JAO develops any. There was a strong sentiment from the first integrated test that the Technical Assessment form that the OT produces needs some work, so Harvey should develop a plan for this.
    • Improving description of OT templates (H. Liszt): This is a task that the document had listed under Crystals group, but it makes more sense for us to do it. Harvey indicates that the OT group believes the NAASC is doing this. He needs to find out if we need to wait for a new version of the OT before doing this. Harvey, John & Todd are each willing to update the description of a few templates.
    • CSV Tiger Team (A. Wootten): not a task assigned to this group, but we are all involved in it, so we discussed it a bit. This group will hold its own meetings. See ALMA/AlmaTiger
  2. Meeting cadence: people prefer to start with weekly meetings, and Monday afternoon seems an agreeable time
    1. ACTION on Harvey: Produce plan for improvement of Technical Assessment form produced by OT (plan=identify purpose, participants, timeline, and product)
      • DUE: after Harvey returns from Edinburgh.
    2. ACTION on Harvey: Find out from OT group when we can update description of OT templates
      • RESULTS: Harvey found out the current auto-deploy version of the OT can be used to update the templates, and he did this for all of them by weeks end. CLOSED
    3. ACTION on John: Set up weekly meeting
      • RESULT: I have reserved CV-ER331 on Mondays from 2-3pm each week. Having said that, I am canceling the next meeting, since Al and Harvey are both away, Stuartt has not yet joined, and I owe collaborators feedback on a paper. CLOSED

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-08-09
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