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This was a NAASC workgroup that met between August 2010 and August 2012, when it was deprecated as part of the NAASC re-organization. Most tasks map to the new NAASC Observing Support Team. Any material formerly associated with JSG that has not been migrated to the OST wiki is given below, as well as the original group composition and task assignments (for posterity).

  • Group Lead: J. Hibbard
  • Group Members: H. Liszt, E. Fomalont, T. Hunter, N. Marcelino, S. Corder, K. Sheth (ex officio: A. Wootten, C. Brogan), NAASC staff on turno
  • Group Meetings (NO MORE): Thursdays, 10:00-11:00pm ET, 2nd Thursdays in CV-ER331; 4th &5th Thursdays in CV-ER209 (right before Tiger Team telecon; connection info below)

Tasks Assigned to this group (task lead)

  1. Software testing/Integrated tests (John Hibbard)
  2. Software tracking and priorities
    • NA Sub-System Scientists
      1. CASA (C. Brogan/Todd Hunter)
      2. Pipeline (Ed Fomalont (w/BVV))
      3. Helpdesk (John Hibbard)
    • User Software Cognizant Leads
      1. OT (Harvey Liszt)
      2. Pipeline (Ed Fomalont/Remy Indebetouw)
      3. Phase 1 Manager (Harvey Liszt)
      4. Project Tracker (Stuartt Corder)
  3. Proposal Review Support (John Hibbard)
    1. JAO CfP development
    2. Support in Chile
    3. Technical Secretaries & Assessments
  4. "Phase 2 Group" for generating Phase II materials
  5. Support in Chile (CSV/AoD) (Kartik Sheth / Stuartt Corder)
  6. Training of NAASC Staff on ALMA Data (outgrowth of CSV Tiger Team)
  7. [Pipeline Heuristics Development (CSV Tiger Team for Now)]

Other Useful Webpages

Action Items

Open Action Items:

  1. Action on P2G: Updating "Compact" SBs (mostly ampcal, but also velocity ref. frame)
  2. Action on JH:Write up plan for evolution of Tiger Team effort to as follows: Tiger Team -> reduction of test datasets -> reduction scripts for SV data -> Staff training on SV data -> SV guides for users -> evaluate pipeline performance on SV data -> pipeline hueristics
    • DUE: When I find time
    • NOTES: JAOsupportMinutes2010Nov01
    • RESULTS: Canceled. J. Kern is running pipeline group. PAUG formed. Pipeline hueristics will fall under Tiger Team.
  3. Action on CSV Liaisons (Stuartt, Ed):Make list of "top 20" issues to know about when traveling for CSV
  4. Action on Tiger Team: Write up use cases for ARCs needing local access to Telcal and OSS and send to JH to take to SciOpsIPT
    • DUE: Before May20, as input to CDR9
    • NOTES: JAOsupportMinutes2011Mar17
    • DONE: May 20, 2011
    • RESULT: Included in PPT that JH sent to Lars & forwarded to CIPT
  5. Action on JH:Find out what STEs are available in Charlottesville
    • DUE: Next Tiger Team meeting (Nov 25?)
    • NOTES: JAOsupportMinutes2010Nov01.
    • DONE: Dec 2, 2010
    • RESULT: Yes, we have one at CDL at Dan Klopp ( can install new software on it, or tell you what software is installed. Dan says: "It has not been updated since it was installed in June. It is in sync with the version used in Chile, RedHat 5.3 and ALMA-7.1.1."
    • UPDATE: Feb 10: Todd looked into availability of ACS (for running ObservingScriptSimulator) on this machine as well as nash, and put the results on ALMATigerTeamMtg2011Feb24
  6. ACTION on John: Have SciOpsIPTsetup a proper test of Technical Assessment process (i.e., using semi-real observing projects), so that forms can be better tailored
  7. ACTION on Harvey:Produce plan for improvement of Technical Assessment form produced by OT (plan=identify purpose, participants, timeline, and product)
    • DUE: after Harvey returns from Edinburgh.
    • RESULT: Collective opinion of OT developers is that there is no point in updating TA form until a real test of the TA process is conducted (see JAOsupportMinutes2010Aug23 and AI immediately above)
  8. ACTION on Harvey:Find out from OT group when we can update description of OT templates
    • RESULTS: Harvey found out the current auto-deploy version of the OT can be used to update the templates, and he did this for all of them by weeks end. CLOSED 8/6/2010
  9. ACTION on John:Set up weekly meeting
    • RESULT: I have reserved CV-ER331 on Mondays from 2-3pm each week CLOSED 8/6/2010 (subsequently changed to Thursdays before Tiger Team; subsequently changed to 2nd & 4th Thursdays)

JSG Meeting Minutes

-- JohnHibbard - 2010-08-03

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