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Overlay the spectrum from a single pixel from multiple CASA cubes. See also ispec, and spectraOverlay.


tt.ispecOverlay(img, blc=None, trc=None, fit=None, otherImages=[], otherFits=[], 
      yoffset=None, velocity=True, recursive=True, startchan=None, endchan=None, plotfile='')
  • image: the image from which to plot the spectrum of a pixel
  • blc, trc: the pixel range to use (currently blc must equal trc)
  • fit: the image from which to overlay a spectrum from the same pixel can be a CASA image or FITS image (if FITS, it will be imported)
  • otherImages: a list of additional images to plot spectra from, offset along the y-axis by yoffset
  • otherFits: a list of additional images to overlay spectra from, offset along the y-axis by yoffset
  • yoffset: y-axis value by which to offset spectra from otherImages/Fits. If set to None, then use 10% of the initial y-axis range
  • velocity: if True, then display x-axis in velocity (usually necessary for overlay)
  • recursive: if True, then repeat a new subplot for each otherImage
  • startchan: the first spectral channel to consider
  • endchan: the final spectral channel to consider (if negative, then ignore this many channels)


CASA 04> tt.ispecOverlay('g24.94/g24.94_KDnh3_11.hline.self.image.convl',fit='%s/specfit11.%s_out.fits'%('g24.94', 'g24.94'),

-- ToddHunter - 2014-07-11
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